“Omor, I Wanted To Die” — Comedienne Ashmusy Umdergoes Nose Piercing Procedure (Video)

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Amarachi Amusi, also known as Ashmusy by her fans, is a popular comedian and brand influencer who recently shared a video in which she was seen getting her nose pierced.

The comedienne revealed that the procedure was excruciatingly painful, as a needle was inserted into her nose to insert the ring. “Omor, I just wanted to die,” she admitted.

Her eyes were red in the video, indicating that the procedure was extremely painful, but she later smiled as the procedure was completed.

Recalling, Ashmusy had a conversation with her mother a few days ago in which she begged her to let her undergo a nose piercing procedure, but the mother’s response was negative because she was unhappy with the decision.

Shortly after posting her “nose piercing” video, Ashmusy shared the response she received from her mother, who was not in favor of it.

“You are finer without this. I have lost it all. Not in my present on earth will my girls carry this look. It’s all my fault”, the mother said while reacting to the video.

Watch Video below: