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Omoyele Sowore, a prominent Nigerian figure born on February 16, 1971, in Niger Delta, Nigeria, has carved a distinctive path through a life marked by activism, journalism, and political engagement. From humble beginnings in a polygamous family of sixteen children, Sowore’s journey reflects resilience, passion, and a commitment to fighting against corruption in Nigeria.

Omoyele Sowore’s  Early Life and Education:

Growing up in Ese Odo, Ondo State, Sowore learned to ride a motorcycle at the age of 12 to fish for his family before school. His formal education began in elementary school, progressing to Community High School and Ofedepe Comprehensive High School in Ondo State. Sowore pursued a degree in Geography and Planning at the University of Lagos, where he engaged in activism, leading student protests against unfavorable IMF loan conditions.

Omoyele Sowore’s  Career and Activism:

Sowore’s activism intensified during the military rule in Nigeria. He played a crucial role in the protests against the reduction of universities in Nigeria from 28 to 5, resulting in police violence and his subsequent arrest and torture. Sowore’s commitment to democracy led to further arrests during the demand for democratic governance in 1993.

In his pursuit of impacting lives positively, Sowore worked as a lecturer at the City University of New York. However, his passion for media and combating corruption in Nigeria culminated in the founding of Sahara Reporters in 2006.

Sahara Reporters:

Sowore’s media platform, Sahara Reporters, was established to expose corrupt government practices in Nigeria. The platform, supported by the Ford Foundation and Omidyar Foundation, steadfastly refuses financial support from the Nigerian government. Sahara Reporters operates as a beacon of transparency and accountability.

Presidential Campaign and Political Involvement:

In 2018, Sowore announced his presidential bid for the 2019 Nigerian general election under the African Action Congress (AAC). Despite his efforts, he lost the election, securing the fifth position with 33,953 votes. Undeterred, Sowore emerged as the AAC presidential candidate for the 2023 election.


Sowore’s life has been marred by controversies, including accusations of being a cultist during his time as SUG President at UNILAG and allegations of bribery during the 2014 election. His media company, Sahara Reporters, has faced criticism for alleged extortion. Sowore’s confrontations with Nigerian politicians have resulted in threats and legal challenges.

Arrests and Detentions:

Sowore’s arrest by the Department of State Services (DSS) in August 2019, following his announcement of the #RevolutionNow protest, drew international condemnation. Despite court orders, his release was delayed, sparking global outrage over perceived threats to democracy in Nigeria.

Omoyele Sowore’s  Personal Life:

Omoyele Sowore is married to Opeyemi Oluwole Sowore, a Nigerian-American. Their family has been residing in Haworth, New Jersey. Opeyemi has actively led protests advocating for her husband’s release, emphasizing global intervention for democracy.

Omoyele Sowore’s  Net Worth:

Sowore’s estimated net worth is $10 million, primarily attributed to Sahara Reporters’ success. The platform’s daily earnings average around $3,000.

Omoyele Sowore’s  Social Media Handles:

Stay updated with Omoyele Sowore on Instagram (@yelesho) and Twitter (@yelesowore).


  1. Is Sahara Reporters financially supported by the Nigerian government?
    • No, Sahara Reporters rejects financial support from the Nigerian government.
  2. What is Omoyele Sowore’s net worth?
    • Omoyele Sowore has an estimated net worth of $10 million.
  3. How did Sowore contribute to student activism during his university days?
    • Sowore led student protests against unfavorable IMF loan conditions and advocated for democratic governance in Nigeria.


Omoyele Sowore’s journey reflects a life dedicated to activism, journalism, and the pursuit of a transparent and accountable government in Nigeria. Despite controversies and challenges, Sowore remains a resilient advocate for democracy and social justice.