Only a worthless man would allow himself trend on social media as a snatched man – Actress Ruth Kadiri

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Ruth Kadiri, a well-known Nollywood actress, has denounced the man trending for being kidnapped by his baby mama’s friend.

A single mother by the name of Munira claimed on Instagram that her boyfriend had been taken by her friend Adeola Ariyo.

She says they’ve been friends for a long time and have gone on trips together. She started an affair with her friend Arin after introducing him to her boyfriend/baby daddy.

Arin defended herself by claiming that Munira had never been a friend and was only envious of her. She asserted that their relationship began as a result of the baby daddy criticizing her to the mother of one of their children.

Ruth Kadiri commented on the situation and claimed that only a worthless man would allow himself to be used as a trending topic on social media as a kidnapped man.

She counseled women to give up on such men because they are worthless.

In her words:


“Any man who has self worth! Will never let himself trend on social media for been snatched. So when next you see a (snatchedman) publicly loving up with the snatcher, regardless if what went wrong in the relationship! He is a MUMU man. Ladies know this and know peace and stop fighting for nonsense.

Nothing worse than dating a person who has no self worth. Women/men. Stop fighting over spouses who have no value for themselves. Gosh! I don’t care what your reasons are. Stop it. Any man that has sense will never publicly humiliate another.

And to cap it all. VALUELESS women excited he left her for me”.