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Delve into the captivating world of Oyinkan Braithwaite, a talented Nigerian-British author whose literary prowess has left an indelible mark on the contemporary literary scene. Born on March 21, 1988, in the culturally rich city of Lagos, Nigeria, Braithwaite’s journey from a childhood filled with storytelling to becoming a renowned author is nothing short of inspiring.

Oyinkan Braithwaite’s Early Life and Education:

Oyinkan Braithwaite’s formative years were spent in the UK, particularly in North London’s Southgate area. Born into a culturally vibrant environment, her childhood foreshadowed her future as a storyteller extraordinaire. Her passion for storytelling led her to pursue a dual focus on literature and law, culminating in degrees from Surrey University and Kingston University.

Oyinkan Braithwaite’s Career Beginnings:

Braithwaite’s literary journey took various paths, including stints as an assistant editor at Kachifo, a publishing house, and as a production manager at Ajapa World, an education and entertainment company. Her talent was recognized when she was shortlisted as a top-ten spoken-word artist in the Eko Poetry Slam in 2014 and became a finalist for the Commonwealth Short Story Prize in 2016.

Oyinkan Braithwaite’s The Rise to Prominence:

In 2018, Braithwaite’s debut novel, “My Sister, the Serial Killer,” published by Doubleday Books, catapulted her into the literary spotlight. The book, celebrated for its unique blend of dark humor and social commentary, showcased Braithwaite’s ability to explore intricate relationships and societal nuances, establishing her as a distinctive voice in contemporary literature.

Oyinkan Braithwaite’s Literary Contributions:

Beyond her acclaimed debut, Braithwaite has contributed short stories to prominent platforms such as McSweeney’s, WePresent, and Amazon Original Stories’ Hush Collection. Her bibliography includes other notable works like “Driver,” “Treasure,” and “The Baby Is Mine.” Additionally, she flexes her artistic talents as an illustrator, having created the cover for the Nigerian edition of her novel.

Oyinkan Braithwaite’s Personal Life:

Known for her private lifestyle, Braithwaite married Temidayo Odunlami, a character animator and visual storyteller, in a beautiful ceremony in Lagos. This intentional privacy allows her the space to focus on her craft without unnecessary public scrutiny, offering readers occasional glimpses into her perspectives and experiences.

Oyinkan Braithwaite Quotes:

“I think that’s one of the wonderful things about books—they allow you to explore dark, uncomfortable places without judgment.” “I write stories I would want to read, and I hope they resonate with others.”

Oyinkan Braithwaite Net Worth:

With a net worth of approximately $5 million, Braithwaite has earned both fame and wealth through her contributions to acting and storytelling.

Challenges and Setbacks:

The literary landscape is fraught with challenges, and Braithwaite, like any author, has likely faced hurdles along her journey. However, her resilience and creative vision have propelled her forward, solidifying her status as a force to be reckoned with in the literary world.


Q: What is Oyinkan Braithwaite’s net worth? A: Oyinkan Braithwaite’s net worth is approximately $5 million.

Q: What is Oyinkan Braithwaite’s most famous work? A: Oyinkan Braithwaite gained widespread recognition with her debut novel, “My Sister, the Serial Killer,” published in 2018.

Q: Where was Oyinkan Braithwaite born? A: Oyinkan Braithwaite was born in Lagos, Nigeria.

Q: What is Oyinkan Braithwaite’s educational background? A: Oyinkan Braithwaite studied law and creative writing at Surrey University and Kingston University.


Oyinkan Braithwaite’s journey from Lagos to the literary world is a testament to her passion for storytelling and her ability to navigate challenges with resilience. As her literary universe continues to expand, readers can anticipate more thought-provoking narratives from this talented Nigerian-British author.