“People Think That I Am Snobbish And Proud. But I Am Not” – Susan Pwajok Reveals Why She Rejects Movie Roles

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Nigerian actress and model, Susan Pwajok has shunned people who thinks she is snobbish and revealing that she is the sweetest girl ever.

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She was involved in an interview with The Sun news, where she discussed some misconceptions people have concerning her career.

She said;




“People think that I am snobbish and proud. But I am not, only those that know me inside out know the real me. I am the sweetest girl ever, if you get to know me better. Although, I am the hardest person to be friends with, I don’t know how to express my feelings to someone else. I ghost a lot; I like minding and facing my business alone. That’s my major issue, but snobbish? Not at all,”

She also mentioned that she doesn’t reject movie roles out of pride

She said;

“Yes, I reject roles. This depends on my character and what they want me to portray. If it is against my beliefs and values, I will not take it. In my family, we have standards, values and certain things we can’t do in public. I am from Jos; a northerner, so there are things I can’t do and roles I can’t accept.”

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