“People who are genuinely happy in their relationships and marriages are not on social media” – Okoro Blessing Disclose

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Nigerian relationship blogger, Blessing Okoro has suggest that those who truly enjoy their marriages and relationships don’t chase clout on social media.

One week after our wedding, he beat me to coma" Blessing Okoro explains why  her previous marriage failed (video)

Blessing took to her Instagram page to share a piece of advice to clout chasers on the Instagram space.


According to her, those with relationship drama on Instagram are all clout chasing.

In her post, she wrote;

Listen People who are genuinely Happy in their relationships And marriages are not found on Social media… If you are not creating content Selling products, showing your talent or doing business then you are clout chasing That is what the social media is for Entertainment. Even ur your relationships drama is just entertainment abeg rest …

If you must show ur relationship and marriage use it to do business or create content stop proving to us u are happy”.

Check out her post below:

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E.g Rose, the husband snatcher !😮


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abeg make una rest biko


she may be looking for more followers or endorsements….vawulence pays…


@officialblessingceo 🙌👊👍 Privacy is power, what people don’t see they can’t ruin



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