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In the vibrant landscape of Nigerian music, one artist has managed to carve a unique niche for himself – Pepenazi. Born Opeyemi Gbenga Kayode on April 16, 1988, in Lagos State, Nigeria, Pepenazi’s musical journey is a fascinating tale of passion, perseverance, and artistic evolution.

Pepenazi Early Life and Education:

Pepenazi’s roots trace back to Odigbo, Ondo State, Nigeria, but it was in Lagos where he spent his formative years. His journey into the world of music began during his schooling at Kemeesther Nursery and Primary School in Aguda Surulere, Lagos. It was at Mayflower School in Ikenne, Ogun State, during his secondary education, that his fascination with rap music blossomed, fueled by the sounds of Wyclef Jean, the Notorious B.I.G., P. Diddy, and Fat Joe.

Academically inclined, Pepenazi pursued a degree in estate management at the Federal University of Technology in Akure, Ondo State. It was here that he not only honed his academic skills but also dipped his toes into the music scene, releasing his first single. During his National Youth Service Corps, Pepenazi’s talent shone as he clinched victory in the 2013 Airtel NYSC Lagos Camp Freestyle Competition.

Breakout Years (2012–2014):

In 2012, Pepenazi burst onto the Nigerian music scene with his debut track, “Arose,” marking the beginning of a promising career. His hiatus to complete his studies didn’t halt his musical pursuits, as he made notable appearances on Olamide’s albums, showcasing his versatility.

Progress and Collaborations (2015–2016):

The years that followed saw Pepenazi’s collaboration with Olamide on tracks like “Adam” and “Illegal,” the latter becoming one of his biggest hits. While rumors circulated about his association with YBNL Nation, Pepenazi clarified in an interview that his label, Ecleftic Entertainment, was merely associated with YBNL Nation.

Pepenazi’s popularity soared, earning him nominations and awards, including the Most Promising Artist of the Year at the 2015 Scream Awards. His solo releases like “One For The Road” and “Iwo Na (Your Wishes)” further solidified his place in the Nigerian music scene.

Tour Season (2017 to Date):

Pepenazi’s musical journey took him beyond Nigerian borders as he performed in South Africa, leaving an indelible mark on the international stage. His music videos for “I Ain’t Gat No Time” and “Jabo” showcased his versatility and dancehall prowess.

The Resurgence and Personal Life:

After a brief hiatus, Pepenazi reemerged in early 2022, surprising fans by transitioning into a preacher in the United Kingdom. This unexpected twist added another layer to the multifaceted artist’s persona.

Beyond the spotlight, Pepenazi, known as “Pepe” in his school days, found love with Janine Osbourne, and their union was celebrated in a court ceremony in October 2020. The couple is blessed with children, bringing joy to Pepenazi’s personal life.

Discography and Performances:

Pepenazi’s discography boasts an array of hits, including “Necessary,” “High Go,” “Ase,” and “Jabo.” His performances at events like the 2015 Star Trek grand finale and Copa Lagos have further solidified his status as a dynamic live performer.

Pepenazi Net Worth and Social Media:

Pepenazi’s estimated net worth stands at an impressive $3 million. His social media presence, particularly on Instagram (@pepenazi) and Twitter (@Pepenazi), keeps fans engaged and updated on his latest endeavors.


Pepenazi’s journey from Lagos to international stages is a testament to his musical prowess and adaptability. From his early days listening to rap icons to becoming an award-winning artist and family man, Pepenazi continues to evolve. As fans anticipate his next move, one thing is certain – Pepenazi’s legacy in Nigerian music is securely established.


Q1: What does Pepenazi’s stage name mean? A: Pepenazi, derived from “People Enjoy Nice and Zealous Instinct,” reflects the artist’s gregarious nature and passion for his craft.

Q2: When did Pepenazi get married? A: Pepenazi tied the knot with Janine Osbourne on October 30, 2020, in a court ceremony at the Ikoyi registry.

Q3: What is Pepenazi’s net worth? A: Pepenazi’s estimated net worth is $3 million.

Q4: Did Pepenazi take a break from music for education and military service? A: Yes, Pepenazi took a hiatus to pursue his undergraduate education and briefly enlisted in the army.

Q5: What are Pepenazi’s popular songs? A: Some of Pepenazi’s popular songs include “Necessary,” “High Go,” “Ase,” “Jabo,” and “I Ain’t Gat No Time.”