pervaiz rasheed viral video on Twitter and reddit

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Watch pervaiz rasheed viral video on Twitter and reddit

A viral video featuring Pervaiz Rasheed, the former Minister of Information and Broadcasting, has generated significant attention online. This video is an excerpt from a press conference held on September 15, 2023, where Rasheed was questioned about the impending visit of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to Pakistan.


During the press conference, Rasheed chose not to mention the specific city Modi was planning to visit. He stated that uttering the city’s name would require a Muslim to perform “wuzu,” a ritual cleansing. Rasheed further remarked that Modi should inquire about the city’s name from his own associates.

Watch pervaiz rasheed viral video

Rasheed’s comments within the video swiftly ignited a wave of criticism from various quarters, including politicians, journalists, and social media users. Many condemned his remarks as discriminatory and offensive. Subsequently, Rasheed issued an apology, clarifying that he did not intend to cause offense with his words.


This viral video has garnered immense attention on social media platforms, amassing over 10 million views and being shared more than 200,000 times. Moreover, it has sparked extensive debates and discussions surrounding issues of religious intolerance and discrimination in Pakistan.

pervaiz rasheed viral video twitter

Here are some key details about the video:

Date Posted: September 15, 2023

Video Length:1 minute and 30 seconds

Location: Islamabad, Pakistan

Participants: Pervaiz Rasheed, Journalist

Beyond its immediate impact, this video has triggered broader conversations about the role of media in promoting peace and fostering understanding among diverse religious groups, highlighting the need for respectful dialogue in a pluralistic society.

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