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In the vibrant city of Ibadan, Nigeria, on November 18, 1995, a football prodigy named Peter Olayinka was born. From humble beginnings with the neighborhood team, Baba Boss, to conquering the international stage, Olayinka’s career has been nothing short of remarkable.

Peter Olayinka’s Early Years and Local Success:

Peter Olayinka’s football journey kicked off with Baba Boss in Ibadan before he found his way to the prestigious 36 Lion FC football academy in Lagos. His talent quickly garnered attention, leading to his debut with Bylis in the Kategoria Superiore in January 2012. Despite initial interest from FC Porto, Olayinka’s journey took an unexpected turn as contractual obligations with Bylis saw him joining Yenicami Adelen for the 2013-14 season in the North Cyprus Süper Lig.

Olayinka’s prowess shone through as he played a pivotal role in Yenicami Adelen’s Süper Lig championship, scoring eight league goals in 21 games.

Albanian Adventure:

The talented Nigerian forward’s next chapter unfolded in Albania. After a brief stint with Kuksi, Olayinka signed with Sknderbeu in 2014, becoming a key player for the reigning Albanian champions. His impressive performances and two goals in a crucial away victory against Trbuni marked his impact on the 2015-16 Kategoria Superiore campaign.

European Odyssey:

Olayinka’s European journey continued as he committed to K.A.A. Gent in 2016. A loan deal with Dukla Prague followed before he made a significant move to Slavia Prague in 2018. The four-year deal saw Olayinka thrive in the Czech First League, securing multiple championships with Slavia Prague.

Peter Olayinka’s International Recognition:

While frequently rumored as a potential foreign player for the Albanian national football team, Olayinka represented Nigeria in a notable international friendly against Brazil in September 2019. Despite the speculation, Olayinka expressed his willingness to play for Albania if granted citizenship.

Peter Olayinka’s Personal Life:

Off the field, Peter Olayinka found love with Yetunde Barnabas, a Nigerian model, actress, and film producer. The couple joyfully tied the knot in March 2021.

Honors and Achievements:

Olayinka’s career is adorned with honors, including the Albanian Cup runners-up with Bylis, Süper Lig victory with Yenicami Adelen, and Kategoria Superiore triumph with Sknderbeu. Notably, his time with Slavia Prague saw multiple Czech First League and Czech Cup victories.

Peter Olayinka’s Net Worth:

According to various online sources, Peter Olayinka boasts an estimated net worth of $2 million, a testament to his success on and off the field.

Peter Olayinka’s Social Media Presence:

For fans eager to connect, Olayinka maintains an active presence on Instagram (@olayinka_peter) and Twitter (@peter_olayinka1), with a substantial following on both platforms.


Q: When did Peter Olayinka make his professional debut? A: Olayinka made his professional debut on October 20, 2012, in a Kategoria Superiore game against Lufttari.

Q: Which clubs did Olayinka play for before joining Slavia Prague? A: Olayinka played for Bylis, Yenicami Adelen, Kuksi, and Sknderbeu before joining Slavia Prague.

Q: In which year did Olayinka get married? A: Peter Olayinka married Yetunde Barnabas in March 2021.


Peter Olayinka’s journey from the streets of Ibadan to the international football arenas is a testament to his skill, determination, and resilience. As he continues to make waves in the football world, fans eagerly anticipate the next chapter in this Nigerian star’s remarkable story.