Photos: “Couple Wey Don Do Bad Things Together ” Lizzy Gold Reveals, as She Shared Bonny and Clyde Photos

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Lizzy Gold is a Nigerian actress who has appeared in a number of interesting films.

In a recent Instagram post, the talented actress shared images of herself and a colleague, revealing in the caption, “meet Bonnie and Clyde, couple who had done bad things together”.

She and her colleague appeared to be the ultimate bad couple of the same feather.

With the photos shared, there is no denying how adorable this couple is, as they are enviably fashionable and appear to share a very formidable chemistry, which is what Bonnie and Clyde are known for.

There is no doubt that the film from which the images are taken will be nothing short of a blockbuster that will keep their fans on the edge of their seats for the action they will be witnessing during the course of their duties.

See the post below: