Photos: Nigerian man builds house with 14,800 plastic bottles

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Engineer Yahaya Ahmed from Nigeria used 14,800 plastic bottles filled with sand as bricks to construct a home in Kaduna. According to Premium Times, Ahmed is the director of the Developmental Association of Renewable Energies in Nigeria, a non-governmental organization (DARE).

According to, the engineer claimed that his organization built the house to promote waste material recycling, generate employment, and ensure a safer environment in Nigeria.

Ahmed described how the house was constructed, saying that workers put sand in the plastic bottles and connected them at the neck with a complex web of strings.

He added that the building is the first of its kind in sub-Saharan Africa and that it was less expensive to construct because the materials could be found on the streets and in landfills. The home has three rooms, a bathroom, and a kitchen.

Ahmed claimed that if built properly and carefully, the house is “20 times stronger than brick-walled houses and can last for over 300 years.” He claims that the structure is resistant to fire, bullets, and earthquakes, and can change with the climate. A building can be built by anyone with masonry skills, according to Ahmed, who also noted that his organization has trained numerous young people.

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