“Please What Makes Toke Makinwa A Celebrity” – Man Quizzes And Toke Reponds Angrily “Google Me”

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Toke Makinwa, an OAP, has put a man in his place who mocked her by saying she’s only famous on Instagram, as she shouts out about being weary of the disrespect and asks him to google her and see who she is.

Toke Makinwa believes she is frequently insulted and that her hard work is undervalued, which is especially hurtful in light of this guy’s remark that she is simply renowned on social media and not a celebrity as she believes.

When someone labeled Toke Makinwa as a celebrity, he questioned what made her a celebrity, claiming she’s simply Instagram famous and only advises young girls to marry rich men, with nothing for the next generation to aspire to.

Toke Makinwa, fed up with the disrespect, put the person in his place by telling him to google her and discover who she is. She then assisted him in little ways by writing a list of the things she does and starting from scratch.

Toke Makinwa may be famous on Instagram because of her Vlog, but we all know she has other things going on. Everyone knows she’s a presenter and a TV program host, plus she runs her own business (TM Luxuries), so the disrespect is excessive.

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