Popular TikToker Mimi dies after her boyfriend allegedly used her for r#tuals (Video)

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In mysterious circumstances, Mimi, a popular TikTok user, passed away. Several sources claim that she passed away on Monday, July 18.

According to the sources, Mimi became ill out of the blue and was taken to the hospital.

“Mimi recently fell ill and was supposed to recover in a few days, so her passing comes as a huge shock to us.

Her boyfriend took her to the hospital, and we learned that he intended to use her for money rituals. We then posted an SOS on WhatsApp asking for assistance, but Mimi had already passed away before they could reach the hospital.

They had to transport Mimi’s corpse to her village because Mimi’s boyfriend couldn’t be found at the hospital. However, Mimi kept her boyfriend’s identity a secret almost every time we inquired about him, so we don’t even know his name.” a source alleged.

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