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Meet Aikoye Praise Ofili, a 20-year-old multitalented Nigerian upcoming artist and drummer hailing from Kogi State. Born into the esteemed family of Dr. and Mrs. Joshua Aikoye, he has a passion for both singing and drumming, making waves in the Nigerian entertainment scene.

Praize Education:

Aikoye Praise Ofili’s educational journey began at Solid Rock Academy for his Nursery Education, followed by Polytechnic Staff School, and later Covenant Noble Schools in Minna. His quest for knowledge led him to National Group of Schools, Ayingba, and then Federal Government College, Ugwolawo. His academic excellence continued at Gilgal High School, Ankpa, where he emerged as the Best Graduating Student. Currently pursuing a degree in Law at Kogi State University, Aikoye is a dedicated undergraduate with a bright future ahead.

Praize Career Exploration:

Like many, Aikoye initially dreamed of becoming an astronaut, but his interests evolved, leading him to consider a career in pharmacy. However, he has ultimately found his passion in studying Law at Kogi State University, showcasing his versatility and commitment to personal growth.

Praize Diverse Skills:

Aikoye Praise Ofili, also known as Praize, is not just limited to his academic pursuits. He is a man of many talents, excelling in:

  1. Drumming
  2. Singing
  3. Photography
  4. Modeling
  5. Blogging

These skills reflect his diverse interests and showcase his creative prowess in various fields.

Praize Relationship Status:

As of now, Praize is navigating the journey of life solo, as he proudly embraces his single status.

Remarkable Achievements:

A noteworthy highlight in Aikoye Praise Ofili’s journey is his recognition as the Best Graduating Student at Gilgal High School, Ankpa. This accomplishment speaks volumes about his dedication to academic excellence.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q: What prompted Aikoye to pursue a career in Law? A: Despite initial aspirations of becoming an astronaut and later considering pharmacy, Aikoye found his true calling in studying Law at Kogi State University, driven by his passion for justice and legal matters.

Q: How does Aikoye balance his academic pursuits with his diverse talents? A: Aikoye is a testament to the power of balance. He efficiently manages his time, excelling in both his academic endeavors and his creative pursuits.


Aikoye Praise Ofili, the talented Nigerian artist and drummer, is making significant strides in his academic and creative journey. From excelling in his studies to showcasing diverse talents, he is a rising star worth keeping an eye on. As he continues to navigate his path, Aikoye’s story serves as an inspiration to aspiring individuals eager to pursue their passions and carve their own unique paths in life.