“Producers Demand S#x From Actresses Before Casting” – Actress, Halima Abubakar Affirms

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Halima Abubakar, a popular Nigerian actress, confirmed that producers in the film industry request s#x from actresses in order to cast them in films.

This came after she explained why she had been absent from the film industry.

She confirmed on her Facebook page that she had not ceased acting, but had only abandoned Twitter.

She stated that she is still very interested in acting, but that she has been producing her own films and is not ready to sleep with anyone.

“I only left Twitter, not Nollywood. I produce my own movies. I no get strength for s#x.” She wrote.

She went on to say that taking a vacation was necessary because she had earned all of the honors and wouldn’t have to compliment others to be a part of their group.

After she wrote this, a fan commented on her statement about not wanting to sleep with anyone.

The fan identified as Usman Abdul Rabiu wrote;

“Serious! That means it is true that producers demand s#x from female actresses before casting them in movies. Our sisters are not safe”.

Actress, Halima Abubkar, confirmed the statement is true as she replied with “so many, yes”.

See Screenshot of the exchange below: