Prove You’re Actually Getting Rich – Rick Ross Calls Out Crypto Investors

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Rick Ross does not believe bitcoin investors are making money, and he wants them to prove it.

Rick Ross released a video of himself on his Instagram Story on Monday (May 2), calling out any crypto gurus who claim to be making great money in the metaverse.

“That’s the thing about the boss, the metaverse, crypto, y’all getting so much money, where you at?” he asked. “Show us. And I don’t mean, ‘Oh, I’m trying to get money.’ Man, I got a lot of money. I don’t need that fake money.”

The Maybach Music Group CEO also stated that he would like to see receipts from the cryptocurrency rulers for their money-making moves.

Show my homies what the metaverse is about,” he said. “One of y’all big crypto dudes, gurus, crypto picture-takers, step up and say, ‘This is what we are going to do, Rozay.’ Where ya at?

All that fake-rich money, where’s it at?” he questioned again. “Educate us. I know some rich homies who’s getting money—Bitcoin Rodney—yeah, that boy getting real money, but, come on, man, bring that to the Renzel-verse, man.

Watch Video Below: