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In the dynamic landscape of Nigerian politics, Rauf Adesoji Aregbesola stands out as a remarkable figure, embodying leadership, dedication, and a commitment to progress. Born on May 25, 1957, into a diverse family of both Muslims and Christians, Aregbesola’s journey has been marked by notable achievements in politics, engineering, and activism.

Rauf Aregbesola’s Education and Early Career:

Aregbesola’s educational foundation was laid in Ondo State, where he completed his primary and secondary education. Pursuing his passion for Mechanical Engineering, he furthered his studies at The Polytechnic, Ibadan, graduating in 1980. Before entering politics, he gained valuable experience working at Nigeria External Telecommunications Limited and Lagos Airport Hotel. Later, he founded Aurora Nigeria Ltd, an engineering firm that showcased his entrepreneurial spirit.

Rauf Aregbesola’s Career Achievements:

With a background in mechanical engineering, Aregbesola’s career trajectory evolved to include public service and governance. Notably, he served as the Commissioner of Works and Infrastructural Development in Lagos from 1999 to 2007. His commitment to democracy and human rights activism was evident during the demilitarization and pro-democracy struggles of the 1990s.

Political Ascendancy:

In 2007, Aregbesola contested the governorship in Osun State, eventually winning the election. Despite initial challenges from the Independent National Electoral Commission, the Election Appeal Tribunal declared him the rightful winner on November 26, 2010. This marked the beginning of his impactful tenure as the fourth civilian governor of Osun State.

Rauf Aregbesola’s Personal Life:

Beyond the political arena, Rauf Aregbesola is known as an exemplary family man. Married to Alhaja Sherifat Aregbesola, he balances his public responsibilities with a deep commitment to his family.

Awards and Commendations:

Aregbesola’s leadership has been widely recognized and celebrated. Some of his notable awards include the Best Governor in Southern Nigeria and Best Governor in Social Investments and Social Protection at the 2018 Business Day States Competitiveness and Good Governance Competition. His efforts in sustainable agriculture earned him the GLEEHD Foundation-Commonwealth Democracy Initiative Sustainable Agriculture Achievement Award in 2014, among other prestigious accolades.

Rauf Aregbesola’s Social Media Presence:

To stay connected with his supporters and share his vision, Aregbesola actively engages on social media platforms. Follow him on Instagram @raufaregbesola and Twitter @raufaregbesola.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

  1. What is Rauf Aregbesola’s educational background? Rauf Aregbesola studied Mechanical Engineering at The Polytechnic, Ibadan, graduating in 1980.
  2. How did Aregbesola enter politics? Aregbesola entered politics in 2007 when he contested and won the governorship election in Osun State.
  3. What awards has Aregbesola received for his contributions? Aregbesola has received numerous awards, including the Best Governor in Southern Nigeria and the GLEEHD Foundation-Commonwealth Democracy Initiative Sustainable Agriculture Achievement Award.


Rauf Aregbesola’s journey from engineering to politics reflects a diverse and impactful career marked by leadership, advocacy, and dedication. His commitment to democracy, human rights, and sustainable development has earned him accolades and commendations, solidifying his legacy as a visionary leader in Nigerian politics.