Reaction As Video Of The 10 Year Old Chrisland School Girl Supposedly R@ped Dancing Seductively Goes Viral

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Netizens have reacted with sadness to a video of a 10-year-old Chrisland schoolgirl who was allegedly r@ped dancing seductively, claiming she is not 10 years old and appears to be a bad girl.

Everyone who has seen the video has concluded that the young girl was not r@ped, as Ubi Franklin claimed the parents claimed, and this video of her dancing seductively has given us a good idea of the kind of parenting she’s been receiving.

It’s clear that her parents don’t monitor her social media accounts, as a 10-year-old girl dancing seductively in a Tik Tok video she posted on her Likee page demonstrates that no adult is in charge of what she watches or posts on the internet.

It’s a very sad situation in which the parent may be unaware of the type of things their daughter has been doing on social media, and her handle name even says she’s a bad girl, which explains a lot.

A lot can be learned on social media, and a lot of bad things can also be learned on these same social media apps, so it’s not surprising that she has been behaving like a bad girl on social media, but now claims to have been r@ped when the video clearly shows otherwise.

Watch Video below: