Reality TV Star, Tobi Bakare Confesses – ‘It Is Not Easy To Maintain Happiness In Nigeria’

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 Ex-Big Brother Nigeria (BBNaija) housemate and actor, Tobi Bakare has confess that it is not easy to live a happy life in Nigeria and applause those who are still living happily despite the stress of the economy and unrest in the country.

I can act nude/sex scenes for Hollywood but not in Nollywood - Tobi Bakre —  Evaebony's Blog

He wrote;

“If you are somehow still able to maintain happiness, optimism and live a decent life in this our Nigeria, Big ups to you. It’s no joke.”





Reacting to his post:

@eloka_eloka_:-Big ups to me biko!! It’s not easy to pay house rent of 350k per year on a 25k monthly salary 

@tonydey4u:- Many gave up on NG already, just waiting for the magical split momentum. Historically, the union was flawed 

@enemy_of_poverty:- Watin do the country wa go make me no happy?

@vjoofficial:- No one is categorically happy in Nigeria rn, just offend anyone, 2 secs everywhere go bust na.

@the_eleventh_letter:- I really doubt that there’s actually any one that still has this attitude in Nigeria. Nigeria crushes you, any way possible

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