Retaliation: Lecturer and his children beat and strip a lady n@.ked for fighting his daughter over a man (video)

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Dr Fred Ekpe Ayokhai, a lecturer at the Federal University of Lafia, has been accused of assaulting a lady with his children after she allegedly fought his daughter over a man.

Ayokhai, who apparently works in the institution’s History and International Relations department, was captured on tape with his children abusing and stripping n@.ked the lady now named as Blessing Mathias.

Prior to being assaulted, Blessing had beaten the lecturer’s daughter, Emmanuella, for attempting to kidnap her boyfriend, IG. Their argument started when she realized Nuella had her boyfriend’s phone number in her phone, which she refused to delete.

The aforementioned lady gathered her buddies to beat up on Emmanuella. She was seen slapping Emmanuella and beating her from various angles while requesting that she remove the number.

Emmanuella, together with her father, Fred Ekpe Ayokhai, and his brother, Praise Shola, and others, attacked Blessing in retaliation days after the incident.

As seen in a viral video, Ayokhai used scissors to cut off Blessing’s dress while being driven to an unknown place.

Watch the videos below: