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Discover the fascinating journey of Richard Fairbrass, the renowned English singer, actor, and presenter, best known as the lead vocalist and bassist of the iconic pop band Right Said Fred. In this blog post, we delve into his early life, stellar music career, television ventures, and some of the controversies that have surrounded him in recent years.

Richard Fairbrass Early Life:

Richard Fairbrass was born on September 22, 1953, in Kingston upon Thames, England. Raised in East Grinstead, West Sussex, alongside his younger brother Fred Fairbrass, Richard’s early years set the stage for a remarkable journey in the world of music and entertainment.

Richard Fairbrass Career Beginnings:

Before the formation of Right Said Fred, Richard worked as a session bassist for music legends like Mick Jagger, David Bowie, and Boy George. His early forays into the industry included playing in a band called the Actors and appearing in notable films like Bowie’s “Jazzin’ for Blue Jean” (1984) and Bob Dylan’s “Hearts of Fire” (1987).

Right Said Fred’s Rise to Fame:

In 1989, Richard and Fred formed the pop duo Right Said Fred, achieving worldwide success with their 1991 debut single “I’m Too Sexy.” The band’s journey, including chart-topping hits and albums, is explored, highlighting their impact on the music scene.

Richard Fairbrass Television Career:

Richard Fairbrass extended his presence to television, co-hosting the BBC Two show “Gaytime TV” and presenting the documentary “Naked Eurovision” in 1998. His television ventures showcase his versatility beyond the music realm.

Possible Mayoral Run:

In 2007, there were reports of Richard considering a mayoral run in London, providing a glimpse into his potential political aspirations. However, the plans did not materialize.

Controversial Comments:

The blog touches upon some of the controversial remarks made by Richard Fairbrass, including his stance on COVID-19 safety measures, anti-vaccination views, and recent outspoken support for Vladimir Putin and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Richard Fairbrass Personal Life:

Readers gain insights into Richard’s personal life, including his 1991 revelation about being bisexual and his long-term relationship with makeup artist Stuart Pantry, who sadly passed away in 2010.

Richard Fairbrass’ Net Worth:

As of the latest information, Richard Fairbrass boasts a net worth of $5 million, showcasing the financial success he has achieved throughout his illustrious career.

FAQ about Richard Fairbrass:

  • Q1: What is Richard Fairbrass’ net worth?
    • A: Richard Fairbrass has a net worth of $5 million.
  • Q2: When did Right Said Fred achieve their breakthrough?
    • A: Right Said Fred gained widespread recognition with their 1991 debut single “I’m Too Sexy.”
  • Q3: What television shows has Richard Fairbrass been a part of?
    • A: Richard co-hosted “Gaytime TV” and presented the documentary “Naked Eurovision.”


Embark on a journey through the life of Richard Fairbrass, exploring the highs and lows of his career, his contributions to music and television, and the controversies that have marked his recent years. This comprehensive blog post provides a detailed glimpse into the multifaceted personality behind the iconic Right Said Fred frontman.