Rinku Dugga biography, Wikipedia age and career

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Rinku Dugga biography, Wikipedia age and career

Rinku Dugga’s career in the Indian Administrative Service (IAS) has been marked by both accomplishments and controversy. A 1994-batch IAS officer of the AGMUT cadre, she has held various positions within the Delhi government, showcasing her administrative prowess.


However, in 2021, Dugga found herself at the center of a storm. A newspaper report alleged that she had ordered the evacuation of a stadium occupied by athletes to accommodate her dog. The report further claimed that she had verbally abused the athletes and even threatened them with suspension.

Rinku Dugga biography

Dugga vehemently denied these allegations, asserting her innocence. Nevertheless, she was transferred out of her Delhi post to Arunachal Pradesh, where she assumed the role of Principal Secretary for Indigenous Affairs.


The controversy surrounding Dugga escalated in 2023 when the government took the unprecedented step of compulsorily retiring her. The government cited her service record as the basis for this decision but did not provide specific details.

Rinku Dugga career

This move has sparked a heated debate among the public. Some have rallied behind the government, contending that Dugga’s alleged actions warranted such disciplinary action. Conversely, others argue that she was unfairly targeted, with some suggesting gender bias played a role in her treatment.


It’s important to emphasize that Rinku Dugga has not been proven guilty of any criminal activity. She has consistently denied the allegations made against her, and as of yet, no legal proceedings have allowed her to present her defense.


Furthermore, the lack of specific reasons provided by the government for her compulsory retirement has led to speculation about potential political motivations behind the decision.


Ultimately, the question of whether to support the government’s choice to compulsorily retire Rinku Dugga remains a matter of individual judgment, as the controversy continues to unfold.

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