Ronaldo Buys New Car Worth N739.7 Million

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Portuguese professional footballer superstar Cristiano Ronaldo has bought a new Ferrari Monza worth 1.6 million euros (around N739.7 million) after visiting the factory on Monday, May 10. 

Ronaldo and Mendes donate €1m to hospitals fighting coronavirus in Portugal  |

Cristiano Ronaldo is the richest football player on earth, thanks to football which has given him fame and wealth.


Gone are the days when Cristiano Ronaldo used to play football on the streets in Portugal. Today, history will continue to bare witness that the Juventus star currently has five Ballon d’Or. 

On Sunday, May 9, Juventus suffered an embarrassing home defeat against AC Milan and Pirlo and his wards are now facing the possibility of missing the Champions League next season.

But after the defeat, Cristiano Ronaldo visited the Ferrari factory where he treated himself well by acquiring the Monza type according to the report on Motori and also UK Sun.

The Ferrari Monza is his fourth car purchased in Maranello, a super-exclusive model that entered production in 2018, capable of exceeding 300 km/h of speed.

Apart from Ferraris, Cristiano Ronaldo also has others cars in his garage and even a private jet which he uses for travelling together with his family members.


Meanwhile, there have been reports that Cristiano Ronaldo may have to leave Juventus at the end of the season if they should fail to qualify for the Champions League. 


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