Rude Boy Blows Hot “… they are the real Illiterate”

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Nigeria singer Paul Okoye of the defunct Psquare group has taken to social media to blast those who mock people that exhibit their indigenous accent while speaking the English Language.

In a post shared on his Instagram page, the singer said anyone mocked for sounding Igbotic, Hausatic or Yorubatic should be proud of it.

According to Rude Boy, as he is popularly called, those who mock people having indigenous accent are the real illiterate.

He wrote:

Pls ohh…If they say you sound igbotic, yorubatic, hausatic or however you sound, pls those people who think you are an illiterate when you sound like that.. they are the real illiterate. There is nothing in their coconut head. Isi Aki




@arewa._._:- He said what he said!! Period!!!

@ladyque_1:- Where’s the lie?

@nykesjay:- My Bloda has finally spoken the tuuluut. Nwanne, evelibodi should getaati osiso.

@tutivibes:- What of those who sound Aquatic?


@balo_ng:- Liked by my village people and 72 others 😂

@princedcon:- But Paul actually sound so igbotic forget all this stories wey him write

@allimerry:- Fact!!!

@wendy_adamma:- True!!! And silly too

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