Ruger Gets His First Tattoo Which Contains A Popular Bible Verse

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Ruger, a well-known Nigerian musician, has just joined the group of Nigerian singers that have body tattoos. He also took the time to sum up the event, admitting that it was difficult but that he was tough enough to handle it. On each of his hands, he inked tattoos.

He inscribed the well-known Bible scripture from Psalm 23:5 on his left hand. Under it, he sketched a dove as well. “Trusted Sirario,” he scribbled on his right hand. Additionally, he created a drawing that appears to be of the well-known comic book character Deadpool. On each of his fingers, the singer also inscribed a letter of his name.

Ruger has purchased his first home and recently got inked.

He is also getting ready to release his first studio album. What are your thoughts about his tattoo? Do you love them?

See pictures below: