“Sabinus Won Out Of Favoritism” – Daniel Regha Says Mr Macaroni Is A Better Content Creator

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Daniel Regha, a social media critic, reacted to Sabinus’ AMVCA award, saying he won out of favoritism because no one deserved it more than Mr Macaroni.

Sabinus was nominated alongside Mr Macaroni and other social media skit creators who make us smile and laugh, and he beat them all in the category of Online Social Content Creators at the recent AMVCA Awards, but Daniel Regha disagrees.

Daniel Regha reacted to Sabinus’ win, saying, “He (Sabinus) winning the AMVCA Award for Best Online Social Content Creator is a big joke because no one deserves that recognition more than Mr Macaroni who is doing more with his skits.”

Everyone can hype Sabinus, but the truth is that Mr Macaroni is doing more with his skits than other comedians and skit makers, and he believes Sabinus won due to favoritism rather than what he’s done online.

Some internet users disagree with him, but keep in mind that the award is voted on by viewers, who prefer Sabinus to Mr Macaroni because they believe his skits are far superior to the latter’s.

Screenshot below;