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In the dynamic world of Nigerian entertainment, Adeoluwa Okusaga, popularly known as Saga, has quickly become a household name. From his roots as an offshore engineer to his captivating stint as a reality TV star in the Big Brother Naija season 6 Shine Ya Eye edition, Saga has captured the attention of audiences across Africa. In this blog post, we will delve into Saga’s early life, career, personal interests, and keep you updated on his net worth. Let’s explore the intriguing journey of this talented individual.

Saga Early Life:

Born in 1993 in Port Harcourt, Nigeria, Saga hails from the family of Mr. and Mrs. Adeoluwa. Originally from Lagos, he identifies as a Southerner, a Yoruba by tribe, a Nigerian by nationality, and a Christian by faith. While details about his early education are limited, it is known that Saga is a university graduate, adding an academic dimension to his multifaceted personality.

Saga Personal Life:

At 28 years old, Saga is not just an offshore engineer based in Port Harcourt but also a man of diverse interests. His hobbies include drawing, dancing, singing, and exercising. Notably, Saga initiated an online fitness club that attracted members from around the globe, showcasing his commitment to a healthy lifestyle. In the Big Brother Naija house, he aims to sell and promote himself, further establishing his presence in the entertainment industry.

Saga Net Worth:

As of now, the exact net worth of Saga is undisclosed. However, stay tuned for updates on this front as we strive to provide you with the latest information about his financial standing. Saga’s growing popularity suggests that his net worth is a topic of interest for many, and we will ensure to keep you informed.

FAQs about Adeoluwa Okusaga (Saga):

Q1: What is Saga’s full name? A: Adeoluwa Okusaga, popularly known as Saga.

Q2: Where was Saga born? A: Saga was born in Port Harcourt, Nigeria.

Q3: What are Saga’s hobbies? A: Saga enjoys drawing, dancing, singing, and exercising. He also initiated an online fitness club.

Q4: What is Saga’s age? A: Saga is currently 28 years old.

Q5: What is Saga’s educational background? A: While details about his basic education are limited, Saga is known to be a university graduate.


As Saga continues to make waves in the entertainment industry, we will keep you updated on his journey, achievements, and net worth. Stay tuned for more insights into the life of this fast-rising Nigerian offshore engineer turned reality TV star and entertainer, Adeoluwa Okusaga, popularly known as Saga.