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Salt Bae, the renowned Turkish chef and restaurateur, has captivated the culinary world with his unique approach to seasoning and preparing meat. Born Nurset Gökçe on August 9, 1983, in Erzurum, Turkey, his story is one of determination, passion, and international success. In this blog post, we’ll delve into Salt Bae’s early life, rise to fame, and the empire he has built with the Nusr-Et restaurant chain.

Salt Bae’s Early Years and Childhood:

Growing up in a modest family, Salt Bae faced financial hardships that led him to leave school in the sixth grade. Born as the fourth of four brothers to Faik and Fatma Gökçe, Salt Bae’s journey took an unexpected turn when he had to seek alternative means to support his family. This decision marked the beginning of his culinary adventure.

Professional Launch: A Butcher’s Apprentice:

After finishing school, Salt Bae embarked on his culinary journey as an apprentice in an Istanbul butcher shop. This experience ignited his passion for cooking, prompting him to master the art of food preparation. His dedication led him to travel to various countries, including Argentina and the United States, where he worked in kitchens without pay from 2007 to 2010, honing his skills and shaping his culinary future.

Internet Sensation: Salt Bae’s Rise to Fame:

In 2017, Salt Bae became an internet sensation when his cooking tutorial videos went viral on social media. Particularly, his video titled “Ottoman Steak” garnered over 16 million views on Instagram alone, catapulting him to widespread recognition. His distinctive salt-sprinkling technique became a viral sensation, and the catchphrase “salt sprinkle” became synonymous with his name.

Salt Bae’s Culinary Empire:

Today, Salt Bae’s restaurants span the globe, with locations in the United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Qatar, and the United States. Each establishment serves as a showcase for his culinary talent and creativity. The Nusr-Et restaurant chain has become synonymous with exceptional dining experiences, attracting patrons from all corners of the world.

Salt Bae’s Personal Life and Family:

Despite his public persona, Salt Bae remains private about his personal life. Limited information is available about his family, and he sporadically shares glimpses on Instagram. While his marital status and the names of his children are not officially confirmed, speculation about his family life persists.

Salt Bae’s Net Worth:

Salt Bae’s estimated net worth is an astounding $70 million. His success as a restaurateur and chef has contributed to this wealth, with his restaurants generating millions annually. The viral fame of the “salt sprinkle” meme further boosted his earnings, now reaching an impressive $20 million per year. In addition to his restaurant empire, Salt Bae owns luxurious homes and a fleet of expensive vehicles, including the extravagant “golden steak.”


  1. Q: How did Salt Bae become famous? A: Salt Bae gained fame through viral cooking tutorial videos, particularly the “Ottoman Steak” video, showcasing his unique seasoning technique.
  2. Q: Where are Salt Bae’s restaurants located? A: Salt Bae’s Nusr-Et restaurants are located worldwide, including the United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Qatar, and the United States.
  3. Q: What is Salt Bae’s net worth? A: As of 2023, Salt Bae’s estimated net worth is $70 million, with an annual income of $20 million.


Salt Bae’s journey from a humble beginning to international culinary stardom is a testament to his passion and dedication. His unique approach to cooking and viral fame have made him a household name in the culinary world. As Salt Bae continues to expand his culinary empire, his story remains an inspiring narrative of success.