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Sasha P, born Anthonia Yetunde Alabi on May 21, 1983, in Ibadan, Nigeria, is a prominent figure in the Nigerian music and fashion industry. As the last child of eight children, she overcame challenges and carved her niche in the male-dominated world of hip-hop. This blog post delves into Sasha P’s journey, from her early life to her impactful career, and her transition into the fashion business.

Sasha P Early Life and Education:

Anthonia Yetunde Alabi, affectionately known as Sasha P, was raised by her lone mother, Sisi Fadekemi, following her father’s passing. Her educational journey began in Ibadan, where she attended elementary school before furthering her studies at the prestigious International School of Ibadan. Sasha later earned a bachelor’s degree in law from the University of Lagos, showcasing her intellectual prowess.

Sasha P Hip-Hop Career:

Sasha P’s foray into the music industry marked a significant era for Nigerian women in hip-hop. Widely recognized as the “first lady of Nigerian hip-hop,” she paved the way for aspiring female artists. Her breakthrough came with hit singles like “Emi Le Gan” and “Adara,” earning her accolades and nominations both nationally and internationally.

Sasha P Career Achievements:

Sasha P’s success extended beyond borders. Notably, she was the first female Nigerian musician to perform at the 20th World Music Awards in 2008. She also clinched the Best Female Artist award at the 2009 Women in Entertainment Awards in the UK for her debut song, “Adara,” showcasing her global impact.

Sasha P Music Academy and Social Initiatives:

In 2019, Sasha P founded the Hard Knock Series, a music academy aimed at preparing aspiring artists for the competitive music industry. Beyond her musical endeavors, she actively participated in social causes, supporting campaigns such as “Save a Street Child” and projects addressing maternal mortality and violence against women.

Transition to Fashion Business:

Sasha P’s entrepreneurial spirit led her to venture into the fashion industry. In 2013, she announced her departure from the music scene to focus on her fashion company. She introduced the Nigerian high street fashion brand, L’Espace, and her own clothing line, Eclectic by Sasha, in 2012. In 2014, she expanded into the footwear industry with the Made In Nigeria ORÌKÍ Shoe Line, offering affordable luxury sneakers.

Sasha P Personal Life and Impact:Maintaining a single relationship status, Sasha P remains focused on her business ventures. Her impact transcends entertainment, as she actively engages in social responsibility initiatives. She represented Nigeria as the Olympic torchbearer in 2012, emphasizing her commitment to making a positive difference.

Discography, Awards, and Net Worth:

Sasha P’s musical journey includes albums like “First Lady” (2006) and “Gidi Babe” (2009), along with hit singles such as “Adara” and “Bad Girl P.” Her awards and nominations, including a Best Female Artiste win at the 2009 Women in Entertainment Video Awards, underscore her influence. Sasha P’s net worth, estimated at $5 million, reflects her successful career, including an endorsement deal with Etisalat.

Sasha P Social Media Presence:

Stay connected with Sasha P on Instagram (@sashapofficial) and Twitter (@SashaPofficial) for updates on her ventures and contributions.


  1. Is Sasha P still involved in the music industry? Sasha P took a hiatus from music to focus on her fashion business, but her impact in the industry remains significant.
  2. What social initiatives has Sasha P been involved in? Sasha P has actively participated in campaigns addressing street child welfare, maternal mortality, and violence against women.
  3. Tell us more about Sasha P’s fashion brand, Eclectic by Sasha. Sasha P’s fashion brand, Eclectic by Sasha, offers a diverse range of clothing, reflecting her unique style and creativity.
  4. How can aspiring artists benefit from Sasha P’s music academy, the Hard Knock Series? The Hard Knock Series offers carefully curated classes and seminars to prepare aspiring artists for success in the music industry.