See How To Make Your Home Made Traditional ‘Chapman’

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A Chapman is a non-alcoholic drink, usually red in colour. Sometimes referred to as a non-alcoholic punch, it is traditionally made with a mix of Fanta, Sprite, Cucumber, Lemon, Grenadine and Angostura bitters and is traditionally served in a large mug with ice and a few slices of cucumber.

How to start Chapman drink production | Daily Media NG



  1. Sprite
  2. Fanta
  3. Orange juice
  4. Lime juice
  5. A dash of angostura bitters
  6. A dash of grenadine juice
  7. Diced cucumber
  8. Ice

Fill a bowl with ice

Mix sprite, Fanta, orange juice in a big bowl

Add Grenadine juice

Add a dash of angostura bitters

Put in the diced cucumber

Add lime juice

Your good to go!!!!

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