See How To Prepare Traditional Enugu Dish -Achicha Ede(Fio Fio)

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Achicha ede is very dear to the people of Enugu State. … cocoyam flakes and pigeon peas, locally known as agbugbu or fiofio.

Preparing Achicha (Grated dried cocoyam) - YouTube

The fio fio dish is a spicy pigeon pea porridge, peculiar to the people of Enugu state in Nigeria.




2 cups fio-fio (pigeon peas)

2 cups smashed achicha (cocoyam)

3 milk cups of palm oil

Handful of scent leaf

4 onion balls

2 stock/seasoning cubes

12 pieces fresh pepper

4 handfuls of ukpaka (ugba)

salt (to taste)

fish (optional)

nylon (for the achicha)


1. Select the pigeon peas like you would do beans, to remove chaff and insects. After selecting, wash the peas

2. Pour the washed fio fio into a pot and cover with water. Cook for 30 minutes, wash and then return to the pot for another round of cooking.

3. Move to the cocoyam (achicha). Pour the cocoyam into a bowl of water and allow to soak for at least 10 minutes.

4. Then wash properly to remove all traces of sand and drain out the water.

5. Tie them bit by bit with the nylon and put inside the already cooking pot where the pigon peas are. Let this cook for about 30mins.

6. Remove the cocoyam from the pot and allow the pigeon peas to cook until soft.

7. Drain the water from the peas, untie the cocoyam and mix together.

8. Heat the oil in a separate pot or frying pan for about 3 minutes.

9. Into the oil, add the chopped onions, pepper, ukpaka, seasoning, scent leaf, salt to taste, and allow it to cook for 10 minutes/

10. Mix the already prepared sauce with the pigeon peas and cocoyam.

Your Fio Fio is good to go!

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