See Who is Responsible for Uche Ogbodo Pregnancy and why She’s not Married

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Popular Nigerian actress, Uche Ogbodo had a few days ago unveiled via her verified Instagram handle that she’s expecting to receive another patter of tiny feet in her home.

Not many fans had known or guessed that the film star was pregnant seeing as she was very active on social media and never made mention of the bun in her oven.

The light-skinned actress who already has a child from her previous relationship says she has never been married as the media had been circulating.

In an interview with Maryjane Eze of, Uche Ogbodo revealed who is responsible for her pregnancy, why she is not ready to get married, and the importance of single ladies having children with or without getting married. Speaking on the announcing pregnancy or babies after delivery trend, the light-skinned movie star had this to say:

My dear, I always like to think that I’m different and I set the pace. You know that makes me who I am. I don’t follow trends. I don’t follow what people do and I don’t know the law behind hiding pregnancy or blessings of God till after you’ve given birth. If you remember quite well then when I was pregnant with Mildred, I announced it at 5 months. I didn’t even hide it and everybody knew that I was pregnant and I birthed my baby and I’m fine. So now this one why will I hide it? What is the logic behind hiding pregnancy, hiding that you’re pregnant, and then announcing out of the blue? 


Uche also noted that she does not believe that there are evil or village people waiting to pounce on pregnant women who announce their pregnancies early. She said: “

Evil people from the village, are evil from the village on social media? What is evil people from the village anyway? Are you in the village? Come on, I don’t understand why a child of God will believe that some evil people are going to do sh*it to an innocent unborn child. What, well, I don’t know! But, no no, evil people no I don’t know. I’m a child of God and no harm can befall me.”

The actress also debunked the popular rumour that she was once married, she said that her efforts to end the false news were futile, so she gave up. “

Really, I’ve tried to correct that shade for a very long time. I have even told you, we even had a fight about it because I don’t know where they got this notion from and all the while I’ve tried to correct it, nobody wants to listen. So, I’ve decided to let them be like I always let everything be, that’s why I keep saying to you the media has a way of doing their stuff and I don’t like dragging issues too much. They have decided in their heart that I’ve married, in fact, they have married me to one man that I don’t know.”

The actress also noted that her parents are thrilled to be grandparents again, as they have been supportive and loving.

Well, my parents are excited and happy that they are going to be grandparents again. They’re very happy. Yeah, They’re very supportive, they love me, they are always there for me, whatever is best for me. Yeah, That’s the kind of parents I have, they are super excited they can’t wait to see their grandchild.”


Seeing as her second child is for another man, the issue of the relationship between her and the fathers of her children came up.

The movie star noted that she has a cordial relationship with the men and she is taking her time with her boyfriend who is responsible for her pregnancy.

We are good, my boyfriend is responsible for my pregnancy but we are not ready yet for whatever so we are taking our time so we are good.”


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