Sell Your Gift Card to a Verified Chinese vendor to Get Naira

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Gift card retailers have been continuously issuing gift cards for fast capital recovery, accident profit from the large number of issued but unused gift cards, and extra profit from their customers’ overspending for the original card’s value, which has resulted in a significant increase in the gift card marketplace in recent years.

The gift card transaction is boosted by the numerous purposes of gift cards, such as presenting it as a handy gift to others and buying without carrying cash.

According to a study conducted by a research organization in the United States, the global gift card market was valued at more than $600 billion two years ago and is expected to reach more than $2000 billion in the next six years.

There are many gift card retailers on the internet, but you must be certain of who you are dealing with in order to avoid falling prey to scammers.


In this regard, we are releasing the best Chinese gift card seller WhatsApp number, which allows you to purchase and sell gift cards at any moment.

What’s gift card without Chinese exchangers?

If you’re a gift card dealer, you’re probably aware that Chinese gift card purchasers always get the best rates.

If I’m wrong, please correct me! You may attest to this whether you are a gift card seller in Nigeria, the United Arab Emirates, or elsewhere who wants to swap gift cards for cash.

In reality, when it comes to exchanging gift cards for cash, Chinese gift card sellers consistently offer the best rates. Why? This is due to the fact that consumer mood in China is more optimistic.

Chinese Gift card sellers on WhatsApp are the most reputable vendors, similar to Cash App Vendors, because they are highly serious when it comes to purchasing and selling gift cards.

Furthermore, they provide the greatest gift card exchange rate.

So whatsapp this number if you want to exchange your Gift Cards with a verified Tbay dealer.

If you don’t know, Tbay is a Singapore-based gift card retailer that has been active in the Nigerian gift card industry for three years, introducing certified Chinese gift card purchasers to their website.


The following table shows the various pricing for iTunes, Amazon, Steam, Walmart, Sephora, and Xbox gift cards in several countries, which can change from day to day:

Google100= 37000
ebay 100=37500
Sephora 100 =37000
Razer 100 =43000
Nordstrom 100=40000
American Express 3779 100=39600 500=202500
vanilla 100=39000 500=200000
itunes 100=37000
Nike 100=36500
–need mater/visa/macys/Wal-mart Gift Card/NIKE–
Amazon base on receipt (need start with aq)
Greendot to mail
Recommend to buy Google Gift Card
A lot of BTC is needed (1=510—550)
Money transfer: Green Dot, Wal-Mar
ask me before send

So If you have a Gift Card to trade WhatsApp this number:  +86 138 3706 1238