Sex workers in Kenyan county now reusing condoms following shortage – Plead with Goverment for supply

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Kenyan commercial sex workers have admitted that they wash and reuse condoms to satisfy their clients’ sexual requirements.

One of the sex workers told a local television station that the area has been suffering from a condom shortage for some time and that the few condoms that are available come from Uganda, a neighboring nation.

She told NTV;

We are pleading with the government to release condoms to Busia because our lives are at risk.

Other citizens claimed that if the government doesn’t step in, they run the risk of having unintended pregnancies.

The lack of condoms was attributed to a decrease in international donor money, according to Janerose Ambuchi, the director of medical services in Busia county, who claimed that her office was unaware of the recycling of contraceptives in the region.


She said;

It has not come to my desk but if it’s happening it should not be allowed to continue because the integrity of the condom is going to be affected. The second and third use because of lack of condoms will expose this generation to danger.

“The county (Busia) is experiencing an acute shortage of condoms which is not a Busia problem alone. It’s a national problem. This is a donor-funded commodity based on a global fund. At the moment, donor funding has dwindled.”