Sheep Sentenced to Three Years in Prison For K#lling a 45-yr-old Woman

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A sheep has been sentenced to three years in prison for k#lling a woman in a field, and upon release, will be compelled to live with the mourning family.

According to reports, the sheep’s owner, Duony Manyang Dhal, would also be required to send up five cows to the victim’s relatives before losing the guilty livestock once it has fulfilled its term.

The beast has been p#nished after fatally attacking 45-year-old Adhieu Chaping in Rumbek East, South Sudan, earlier this month. It repeatedly headbutted the victim, fracturing her ribs.

The sheep was taken into police custody after she was discovered de@d, the force announced. The town’s Major Elijah Mabor explained:

“The owner is innocent and the ram is the one who perpetrated the crime so it deserves to be arrested then later on the case shall be forwarded to customary court where the case can be handed amicably.

The animal will spend the next three years in a military camp in Aduel County headquarters in Sudan’s Lakes State. According to the police, “Our role as police is to provide safety and separate f#ghts. The ram was apprehended and currently under custody at a Police Station of Maleng Agok Payam. Its owner is counting the cost of the tragedy.”

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