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In the captivating world of celebrity relationships, Sheila Courage David has recently become the talk of the town. From her impressive career as a model, writer, and relationship counselor to the unexpected twists in her marriage with Israel DMW, Sheila’s life has become a topic of widespread interest. In this blog post, we delve into Sheila’s early life, career achievements, personal life, and the recent marital crisis that has captured the attention of fans and the media.

 Sheila Courage  Early Life:

Born on June 4, 2001, Sheila Courage David hails from the Christian home of Mr. and Mrs. David in Benin City, Edo State. As the daughter of a pastor and a deaconess in Winner’s Chapel, Sheila’s upbringing is rooted in strong religious values. While her educational background remains somewhat mysterious, she graduated from Benson Idahoda University in 2017, setting the stage for her future endeavors.

 Sheila Courage Career:

Apart from being known as the spouse of Israel DMW, Sheila has carved a niche for herself in the modeling and fashion industries. In 2019, she achieved a significant breakthrough by being crowned the “Face of Edo” at a prestigious beauty pageant. Beyond the runway, Sheila has established herself as a renowned brand influencer, collaborating with Zikel Cosmetics in the skincare industry. Her advocacy for beauty and commitment to industry standards have solidified her position as a respected figure.

 Sheila Courage  Personal Life:

Sheila’s journey with Israel DMW, also known as Juju, began in the unique context of their shared church and a serendipitous meeting during an evangelistic trip. Their bond strengthened over months, leading to Israel’s proposal during a memorable dinner date at the Protea Hotel in Benin City. The couple’s union culminated in a lavish traditional wedding on October 20, 2022, attended by the 30BG team and showcasing their prominence in social and business circles.

 Sheila Courage Marriage Crisis:

However, the seemingly happy marriage took an unexpected turn on November 25, 2023, when Sheila and Israel publicly acknowledged the challenges they were facing. Using social media as their platform, the couple shared the highs and lows that led them to the difficult decision of openly discussing their marital troubles. Israel accused Sheila of attempting to tarnish his reputation, while Sheila vehemently refuted these claims. The online community expressed shock as the couple seemed to be heading toward a formal divorce.

 Sheila Courage  Social Media Presence:

For those interested in Sheila’s journey, her Instagram handle @sheila.courage provides a glimpse into her life, career, and recent developments.

 Sheila Courage  Net Worth:

As of now, Sheila Courage David’s estimated net worth stands at $10,000 USD.


Q: When did Sheila Courage David and Israel DMW get married?

A: Sheila and Israel tied the knot on October 20, 2022, in a lavish traditional wedding ceremony.

Q: What led to the public discussion of their marriage troubles?

A: On November 25, 2023, Sheila and Israel took to social media to address the difficulties in their marriage, sparking a public debate.


In the ever-evolving narrative of Sheila Courage David’s life, her journey from a pastor’s daughter to a celebrated model and influencer has taken unexpected twists. The recent turbulence in her marriage has added a layer of complexity to her public persona. As Sheila and Israel navigate this challenging chapter, the public remains intrigued, emphasizing the fragility of relationships even in the glamorous world of celebrities.