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Shirley Caesar, born on October 13, 1938, in Durham, North Carolina, has left an indelible mark on the gospel music scene, earning her the title of “The First Lady of Gospel.” With a remarkable seven-decade career, this 85-year-old singer, actor, music artist, songwriter, and pastor boasts a net worth of $6 million. Let’s delve into the journey of Shirley Caesar, from her early days in Durham to her Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award in 2017.

Shirley Caesar’s Early Life and The Caravans:

Shirley Caesar’s musical journey began in her childhood, singing for family and friends in North Carolina. In 1958, she joined the renowned gospel group, the Caravans, led by Albertina Walker. Caesar’s powerful voice propelled her to success with hits like “Sweeping Through the City” and “No Coward Soldier.”

Hob Records and Roadshow Records:

After eight years with the Caravans, Shirley Caesar embarked on a solo career with Hob Records, releasing her first LP, “I’ll Go.” Her notable hits, including “Put Your Hand in the Hand of the Man” and “No Charge,” marked her Grammy-winning success. In 1977, she took a bold step, moving to the secular Roadshow Records and releasing the album “First Lady,” earning her the nickname “The First Lady of Gospel.”

Further Music Successes:

Shirley Caesar’s career continued to soar in the 1980s when she signed with Word Records. Hit albums like “Jesus, I Love Calling Your Name,” “Sailin’,” and “I Remember Mama” secured her place on the gospel charts. Notable songs during this period include “God’s Got it All in Control” and “Hold My Mule.” Caesar received seven Dove Awards for Black Gospel Album of the Year between 1981 and 1995.

Film and Television Appearances:

Beyond music, Caesar graced the silver screen with appearances in films like “Why Do Fools Fall in Love” (1998) and “The Fighting Temptations” (2003). She also made memorable television appearances on sitcoms like “Good News” and “The Parkers.”

Shirley Caesar’s Personal Life and Achievements:

In her personal life, Shirley Caesar returned to school later in life, earning a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Shaw University in 1984. She also studied at Duke University’s divinity school. In 1983, she married Bishop Harold I. Williams, and together they served as co-pastors until his passing in 2014.

North Carolina Mansion:

Adding to her achievements, Shirley Caesar and Bishop Williams owned a magnificent 9,000 square foot mansion in Raleigh, North Carolina, featuring a Star Wars-themed movie theater and bar. The couple sold the mansion for $1.5 million in March 2022.


Shirley Caesar’s influence extends beyond the music world, earning her accolades, awards, and a lasting legacy. From her humble beginnings in North Carolina to performing at the White House and receiving a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award, Caesar’s journey is a testament to her talent, resilience, and unwavering commitment to gospel music.


Q1: What is Shirley Caesar’s net worth? A1: Shirley Caesar’s net worth is $6 million.

Q2: When was Shirley Caesar born? A2: Shirley Caesar was born on October 13, 1938, making her 85 years old.

Q3: What are some of Shirley Caesar’s notable achievements? A3: Shirley Caesar has won several Grammy, Dove, and Stellar Awards. In 2017, she received a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award.

Q4: Did Shirley Caesar appear in any films? A4: Yes, Shirley Caesar had roles in films such as “Why Do Fools Fall in Love” (1998) and “The Fighting Temptations” (2003).

Q5: What is the story behind Shirley Caesar’s North Carolina mansion? A5: Shirley Caesar and Bishop Harold I. Williams owned a 9,000 square foot mansion in Raleigh, North Carolina, featuring a Star Wars-themed movie theater and bar. They sold the mansion for $1.5 million in March 2022.