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Show Dem Camp, composed of Tec (Wale Davies) and Ghost (Olumide Ayeni), stands out as a remarkable Nigerian rap duo with roots deeply embedded in the United States. Born in Nigeria, the pair’s parents sought greener pastures abroad, leading to their upbringing in various cities across the United States and Europe. Despite their international influences, Tec and Ghost eventually returned to Nigeria, where they embarked on a transformative musical journey.

Show Dem Camp’s Education and Early Years:

Both artists received their primary, secondary, and university education in Europe, fostering a diverse cultural background that would later shape their unique musical style. Before forming Show Dem Camp, Tec and Ghost pursued solo careers as rap artists. Their paths converged at a rap battleground scene, where they discovered a shared stage name, “Golden Child,” prompting them to join forces.

Show Dem Camp’s Career Transition:

The duo transitioned from being solo rappers to establishing a rap duo under different monikers like Loose Cannonz, BlackBoysDown, and Third Eye Renegades before settling on Show Dem Camp. In 2010, they released their first mixtape, “Clone Wars Vol. 1,” marking the beginning of a prolific career. The debut studio album, “The Dreamers Project,” followed in 2011, featuring collaborations with artists like Temi DollFace, M.I., and 2face.

Show Dem Camp went on to release several albums under the Clone Wars Series and Palm Wine Music, collaborating with numerous Alté artists, including BOJ, Odunsi The Engine, Cruel Santino, Buju, Ladipoe, and others.

Show Dem Camp’s Personal Life:

Raised in American and European cities, the duo moved back to Lagos to focus on their music careers. Tec, who worked in a financial organization in Amsterdam, returned to Nigeria, emphasizing creativity and business in their musical endeavors. Both Tec and Ghost are happily married to their respective wives, with Tec tying the knot in the U.K. in July 2022, and Ghost celebrating his marriage in January 2013.


Show Dem Camp’s discography is a testament to their musical evolution, featuring a range of albums and EPs, including “Clone Wars” series, “Palm Wine Music,” and more. Some standout tracks include “For A Minute” ft. Lady Donli, “Legend” ft. Burna Boy, and “Too Bad” ft. Amaarae & Tems.

Awards and Nominations:

The duo has received nominations at prestigious events like The Headies Awards, showcasing their impact on the Nigerian music scene.

Show Dem Camp’s Net Worth:

With an impressive career, Show Dem Camp boasts a net worth of $5 million, reflecting their success in the music industry.

Show Dem Camp’s Social Media Presence:

Fans can connect with Show Dem Camp on Twitter (@showDemCamp) and Instagram (@showdemcamp), where the duo shares updates and engages with their audience.


Q1: When did Show Dem Camp release their first mixtape? A1: Show Dem Camp released their first mixtape, “Clone Wars Vol. 1,” in 2010.

Q2: What is Show Dem Camp’s net worth? A2: Show Dem Camp has a net worth of $5 million.

Q3: Where did Tec and Ghost meet? A3: Tec and Ghost met at a rap battleground scene, realizing they shared the stage name “Golden Child,” leading to the formation of Show Dem Camp.


Show Dem Camp’s journey from international upbringing to Nigerian musical royalty is a captivating story of talent, collaboration, and success. Their fusion of global influences has resonated with audiences, cementing their place as a powerhouse in the Nigerian music scene. As they continue to evolve, fans can expect more groundbreaking contributions from this dynamic rap duo.