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In the heart of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, on July 29, 1981, a trailblazer named Simidele Adeagbo came into the world. Born to Nigerian parents, she embarked on a remarkable journey that saw her make history as the first Nigerian to participate in the Winter Olympics. This blog post delves into Sinmidele’s captivating life, from her early years to her groundbreaking sports career, and provides a glimpse into her personal and professional achievements.

Sinmidele Adeagbo’s Early Life and Education:

Sinmidele’s roots may trace back to Canada, but her family’s return to Nigeria when she was just an infant set the stage for a truly global adventure. Her educational journey took a significant turn when she pursued studies in the United States at the University of Kentucky, marking the beginning of her pursuit of excellence.

Sinmidele Adeagbo’s Career:

A multifaceted individual, Sinmidele played a role as Serena Williams’ Nike body duplicate during a Nike kit unveiling, showcasing her early association with sports and global brands. Since 2012, she has served as a marketing manager for Nike in South Africa, a role that aligns seamlessly with her passion for athletics. Notably, she graced the TEDxLagos stage in 2018, sharing insights alongside distinguished figures like scientist Ade Olufeko, lawyer Supo Shasore, art curator Tokini Peterside, and media personality Banky W.

Sinmidele Adeagbo’s Sports Career:

Sinmidele’s journey into sports began in high school, where she competed in track and field. Despite narrowly missing Olympic qualification in 2008, she held the University of Kentucky’s triple jump record and achieved NCAA All-American status four times. The turning point came when she learned of Nigeria’s bobsled team aiming for the Olympics, sparking her interest in skeleton. With Nike’s sponsorship, she ventured into skeleton in September 2017, ultimately representing Nigeria at the 2018 Winter Olympics and proudly carrying the national flag during the closing ceremony.

Sinmidele Adeagbo’s Personal Life:

While details about her personal relationships remain private, Sinmidele’s life revolves around her dedication to sports. As of December 2017, she called Johannesburg, South Africa, home, further emphasizing her global footprint.

Personal Bests – Track and Field:

Highlighting her prowess in track and field, Sinmidele’s achievements include impressive records in the 100 meters, long jump, and triple jump, both outdoors and indoors.

Sinmidele Adeagbo’s Social Media Presence:

Stay connected with Sinmidele Adeagbo through her Twitter handle @SimiSleighs and Instagram account @simisleighs.


Q: When did Sinmidele Adeagbo make history as the first Nigerian to participate in the Winter Olympics? A: Sinmidele participated in skeleton as a member of the Nigerian team at the 2018 Winter Olympics, where she carried the Nigerian flag during the closing ceremony.

Q: What is Sinmidele Adeagbo’s background in track and field? A: Sinmidele excelled in track and field during high school, holding the University of Kentucky’s triple jump record and earning four-time NCAA All-American status.


Sinmidele Adeagbo’s journey from Toronto to Nigeria, through the halls of the University of Kentucky, and onto the global stage of the Winter Olympics is nothing short of inspiring. As she continues to make strides in sports and marketing, her story serves as a testament to the power of determination and the pursuit of dreams against all odds.