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Discover the inspiring journey of Osinachi Joseph, widely known as Sinach, born on March 30, 1973, in Ebonyi State. From humble beginnings in the Christ Embassy choir to becoming a globally acclaimed gospel artist, Sinach’s story is one of passion, dedication, and musical prowess.

Sinach’s Early Life and Education:

Sinach’s musical journey began in 1989 when she started singing for family and friends while actively participating in Christ Embassy, the church led by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. Graduating with a degree in Physics from the University of Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Sinach’s early life laid the foundation for her future success.

Sinach’s Personal Life:

In 2014, Sinach tied the knot with Mr. Joseph Egbu, and their joy was complete with the arrival of their first child in November 2019.

Sinach’s Career Beginnings:

Despite childhood dreams of singing to large crowds, Sinach initially pursued music as a hobby. Joining the choir and working as an administrative staff in Christ Embassy, she began to weave her musical aspirations into reality.

Sinach’s Albums and Achievements:

Sinach’s discography boasts several albums, including “Chapter One” (2008), “I’m Blessed” (2010), and “There’s an Overflow” (2018). Her breakout hit, “This Is Your Season,” earned her the Song of the Year award in 2008. In 2016, she became the inaugural recipient of the LIMA Songwriter of the Decade Award and received the African Achievers’ Award for Global Excellence.

Global Influence:

With over 200 written songs, Sinach’s music has transcended borders, reaching over 50 countries. Her popularity earned her the Western Africa Artist Of The Year by Groove Awards in 2016. She has performed and headlined concerts worldwide, including countries like the United States, Canada, Kenya, South Africa, and the United Kingdom.

Awards and Recognition:

Sinach’s accolades include the Groove Awards Western Africa Artist Of The Year (2016), African Achievers’ Award for Global Excellence (2016), and the prestigious LIMA Song of the Year (2019).

Sinach’s Net Worth:

Sinach’s net worth is estimated at $400,000, a testament to her successful and impactful career.

Connect with Sinach:

Stay updated with Sinach’s journey on Instagram (@therealsinach) and Twitter (@sinach).


Q1: How did Sinach choose her stage name? A: Sinach derived her stage name from her given name, Osinachi, for its easy pronunciation and catchy appeal.

Q2: How many countries has Sinach performed in? A: Sinach has performed and headlined concerts in over 50 countries, spreading her inspirational music globally.

Q3: What is Sinach’s most popular song? A: One of Sinach’s most popular songs is “I Know Who I Am,” resonating with audiences worldwide.


Sinach’s remarkable journey from a church choir member to a global gospel sensation is a testament to her unwavering faith, musical talent, and dedication to spreading messages of hope and inspiration. Join the millions who have been touched by Sinach’s soul-stirring music, a beacon of positivity in a diverse world.