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Explore the vibrant musical journey of Konga, the talented Nigerian artist, as we delve into his childhood, rise to fame, and contributions to the music industry. From the bustling streets of Ebute Meta to the heights of his career, Konga’s story is one that resonates with the soulful beats of Nigeria.

Konga’s Early Life:

Lawal Olalekan Olu, popularly known as Konga, was born on January 9th, with his roots deeply embedded in Ebute Meta, Lagos State. Although the details of his birth year remain undisclosed, he is believed to be in his late 40s. Growing up in the same neighborhood as renowned artist Banky W, Konga’s passion for music began to blossom during his formative years.

Konga’s Education:

Konga’s educational journey led him through primary and secondary schools in Lagos State. While there’s no information on whether he pursued further studies, it was evident that his heart was set on a different path—the rhythmic world of music.

Konga’s Career Beginnings:

The baby Konga crooner’s musical journey started with performances in universities and polytechnics under the banner of Larry Kay Events. However, it was his 2003 hit, “Baby Konga,” that catapulted him into the limelight, although the song faced a ban by NBC due to explicit lyrics.

In 2005, Konga released his debut album, “KONGA H2O,” featuring collaborations with music stars like 2Face IDIBIA, Dj Zeez, and Morachi. The album showcased his unique style, incorporating the ancient African language “Eno” from Badagry into his music, a pattern distinct to Konga and a tribute to the language’s historical significance during the slave trade era.

Musical Legacy:

During 2008-2010, Konga continued to captivate audiences with songs like “Money Making Machine,” “Bebe ‘n Lo,” and the street anthem “Kabakaba” featuring the late Dagrin and Remi Aluko. His 2011 album, “KABAKABA,” featured collaborations with YBNL boss Olamide, J.J.C n 419 squads, M.I, Buckwylla, and others.

Although not as prominent in recent years, Konga remains connected to the music industry as the CEO of Funky Monkey Entertainment, hinting at a possible comeback with his recent release, “Soro.”

Konga’s Personal Life:

While details about Konga’s family are scarce, he is believed to be married. In November 2021, he shared a harrowing experience of surviving a car accident and being robbed.

Top Songs:

  • Baby Konga
  • Kabakaba
  • Gbese Soke
  • Call Me Boo
  • Jawonsi
  • Shopetie
  • Bebe Nlo

Konga’s Net Worth:

Although Konga’s exact net worth is unknown, he is reported to be leading a stable life.

Connect with Konga:

Stay updated on Konga’s journey through his Instagram handle: Konga_Official.

The Comeback:

Recent buzz suggests Konga’s return to the music scene, with a video of his song titled “Soro” surfacing online. Fans eagerly await his musical resurgence.


  1. What is Konga’s real name?
    • Lawal Olalekan Olu
  2. Where did Konga grow up?
    • Konga spent his childhood in Ebute Meta, Lagos State, Nigeria.
  3. What is Konga’s most popular song?
    • “Baby Konga” is one of his breakthrough hits.
  4. Is Konga still active in the music industry?
    • While not as visible, Konga remains involved as the CEO of Funky Monkey Entertainment, signaling a potential comeback.