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In the vibrant world of Nigerian hip-hop, one name that echoes through time is Alfred Atungu, better known as Six Foot Plus. Born on April 7, 1972, in Kaduna State and of Idoma descent from Benue State, Six Foot Plus has left an indelible mark on the music scene. This blog post delves into his illustrious career, personal life, and notable achievements.

Six Foot Plus  Early Years and Musical Genesis

Six Foot Plus embarked on his musical journey in 1987, starting as a poet before transitioning to songwriting and rap. Collaborating with influential figures such as Sole Dee, El Dee, Modenine, De Weed, and El-Cream, his talent flourished. The collaborative effort with Jeremiah Gyang in the 2004 hit song “Nabaka” solidified his presence in the Nigerian music landscape.

Album Releases and Chart-Topping Hits

His debut album, “Millennium Buggin,” released in 2001, showcased his prowess and featured hits like “Anwuli,” “Swange,” and “Medicine Man.” The success of this album catapulted him to fame. In 2006, Six Foot Plus released his second album, “6’Oclock,” featuring national anthems like “E don do me” and “Carry Go.”

Despite a hiatus, his last single in 2015, titled “Comeback Song,” hinted at his return to the music scene. The rapper expressed his eagerness to share experiences and promised a comeback album for his devoted supporters.

Dabbling in Acting

In 2019, Six Foot Plus made his acting debut in the film “4th Republic,” showcasing his versatility. His role as a defense attorney in the movie, which starred prominent actors like Kate Henshaw, Linda Ejiofor, and Bimbo Manuel, marked a new chapter in his career.

Six Foot Plus  Personal Life and Discography

While Six Foot Plus remains single, he has a special person in his life who resides outside of Abuja, where he currently lives. His discography boasts memorable albums such as “6 O’Clock,” “E Don Do Me,” “Guyman,” “Enem Eh!,” “WhaPhoenix,” and “Song by Six Foot Plus.”

Awards and Nominations

Throughout his career, Six Foot Plus has garnered recognition for his outstanding contributions to the entertainment industry. Notable awards include GLAAD Media Awards for Outstanding Drama Series in 2002, 2003, 2005, and a Golden Globe in 2002 for Best Television Series – Drama.

Six Foot Plus  Net Worth and Social Media Presence

With a net worth estimated at $2 million, Six Foot Plus has not only made a significant impact in the music and film industry but has also accumulated considerable wealth. Stay updated on his journey by following him on Instagram at @sixfootplus3.

FAQs about Six Foot Plus

1. Is Six Foot Plus still active in the music industry? Yes, although he took a break, Six Foot Plus hinted at a comeback and a new album for his fans.

2. What is Six Foot Plus’ net worth? Six Foot Plus has amassed a net worth of $2 million through his successful career.

3. When did Six Foot Plus make his acting debut? Six Foot Plus ventured into acting in 2019 with his debut role in the film “4th Republic.”


As we reminisce about the impact of Six Foot Plus on Nigerian hip-hop, it’s evident that his legacy endures. From his early collaborations to chart-topping hits and a foray into acting, Six Foot Plus remains an icon. Stay tuned for his much-anticipated comeback, as he continues to shape the cultural landscape of Nigerian music.