Sleep With Guys For Satisfaction – Kiddwaya To Lady Who Cried Out Of Not Being Loved

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BBNaija reality show star Kiddwaya has advised a lady to sleep with guys for satisfaction after complaining about not being loved by these guys who sleep with her.

The lady seeking the advice of Kiddwaya on what to do cried out saying guys she goes out with don’t love her but are only interested in her body hence leave her just after sleeping with her and Kiddwaya advised her to do the same.

According to him, since love is the problem she should take it out of the equation and only sleep with these guys she goes out with for her satisfaction and makes sure she’s on top of the game that way she wouldn’t be hurt that they used her.

Adding that she should take control and let the guys know she’s in control of the game and sleep with them for her satisfaction and after she’s done, she should go with pride and not feel hurt always because the guys don’t love her.

Kiddwaya’s advice in a way is the best the lady can do as she has realized that guys only want $3x from her and not love hence expecting love from them in return is what is hurting her so much therefore if she takes to love out of the story, no one will be hurt.

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