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Meet Sophia Ajibola Momodu, a notable figure born on June 9, 1987, in Ile Ife, Osun state, nestled in the southwestern part of Nigeria. Renowned for her multifaceted career, Sophia has not only made waves as the founder and CEO of Precious Jewels Foundation but has also left an indelible mark as a brand influencer and fashion consultant. This blog post delves into Sophia’s journey, personal life, and the positive impact she continues to make.

Sophia Momodu’s  Early Life and Education:

Hailing from Osun State, Sophia’s roots shaped her upbringing. She completed her primary and secondary education within the state, laying the foundation for her future endeavors.

Sophia Momodu’s  Career Highlights:

Sophia Momodu’s entrepreneurial spirit shines through her roles as the CEO and Creative Director of The Sophia Momodu Brand (TSMB). Beyond her business ventures, she gained public attention when she became a mother to Imade Adeleke, the daughter of popular Nigerian singer Davido. Sophia’s influence extends to her YouTube channel, where she shares her visual work, steadily garnering a growing audience.

Sophia Momodu’s  Personal Life and Controversies:

Rumors circulate that Sophia and Davido began dating in 2014, marking the start of a tumultuous journey. The birth of their daughter, Imade Adeleke, in 2015, was surrounded by controversy, with Davido initially denying paternity. The situation escalated until DNA proof confirmed his fatherhood. Sophia’s uncle, Dele Momodu, a prominent figure in Nigerian media, played a crucial role in intervening and safeguarding Imade’s interests.

Influence and Impact:

Beyond her personal life, Sophia Momodu is a compassionate humanitarian, dedicated to uplifting the less privileged. Her foundation, Precious Jewels Foundation, focuses on empowering and supporting the academic growth of disadvantaged women and children across Africa.

Sophia Momodu’s  Net Worth:

While specific details about Sophia’s net worth remain undisclosed, her affluent lifestyle, combined with her impactful ventures, suggests an estimated net worth of around $1 million. Sources of income include her brand company, social media influence, and her association as a baby mama to the billionaire Afropop singer, Davido.

Sophia Momodu’s  Social Media Presence:

Sophia boasts a substantial following of over 426,000 on Instagram, a testament to her success in establishing an independent identity. You can follow her on Instagram at @thesophiamomodu.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

1. How did Sophia Momodu and Davido meet?

  • Sophia and Davido reportedly began dating in 2014.

2. What is the significance of Dele Momodu in Sophia’s life?

  • Dele Momodu, Sophia’s uncle, played a pivotal role in intervening during controversies involving Davido and safeguarding the interests of Sophia and her daughter, Imade.

3. What is the focus of Precious Jewels Foundation?

  • Precious Jewels Foundation is dedicated to empowering and supporting the intellectual and academic growth of disadvantaged women and children in Africa.


Sophia Momodu’s journey from Osun State to becoming a successful entrepreneur and humanitarian is nothing short of inspiring. Her story, filled with ups and downs, showcases resilience and determination. As she continues to make a positive impact, Sophia remains a noteworthy figure in the Nigerian landscape. Follow her journey on Instagram (@thesophiamomodu) for more updates and insights into her life and ventures.