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In the heart of Plateau State, Nigeria, on November 27th, 1976, Olanrewaju Fasasi, better known to the world as Sound Sultan, was born to Mr. Fasasi Lidadi Alarape and Mrs. Fasasi Adeyinka Ajarat. As the fourth child among six siblings, Sound Sultan’s journey from his early education at Stepping Stone Nursery and Primary School to his Bachelor’s Degree in Geography at Lagos State University paved the way for a remarkable career in the Nigerian music and entertainment industry.

Sound Sultan Early Career:

Sound Sultan embarked on his artistic journey in 1991, initially crafting lyrics and drawing inspiration from his elder brother, Baba Dee, who studied Theatre Arts. Learning the ropes, including playing the guitar, from his brother, Sound Sultan eventually joined the band, marking the beginning of a musical legacy.

Sound Sultan Real Name:

Contrary to his stage name, Sound Sultan’s birth name was Olanrewaju Fasasi, a name etched in the memories of fans worldwide.

Sound Sultan Musical Achievements:

Sound Sultan’s discography is a testament to his talent and creativity. From early hits like “Kpseeeeeeew” to later releases such as “Naija Jungle” and “Odo,” his musical journey left an indelible mark on the Nigerian music scene. Notable albums include “Back to the Future” (2010) and “Out of The Box” (2016), showcasing his versatility as an artist.

Sound Sultan Marriage and Family:

In 2009, Sound Sultan tied the knot with Chichi Morah, now Farida Fasasi. Their union brought forth three children, adding a layer of joy to the artist’s life beyond the stage.

Awards and Nominations:

Sound Sultan’s impact was acknowledged through numerous awards and nominations, including the Legendary Award at the Scream Awards (2016), Fame Awards for Best New Artiste (2003), and the Headies Award for Best Contemporary Song (2018), among others.

Quotes Reflecting Wisdom:

Sound Sultan’s words transcended his music, offering nuggets of wisdom. Quotes like “Progressiveness is not just about advancement” and “Building a legacy is a lifetime task” continue to resonate with fans.

Sound Sultan Legacy Lives On:

Tragically, Sound Sultan succumbed to Throat Cancer on July 11th, 2021, leaving behind a void in the music industry. His legacy, however, lives on through his timeless music and profound impact on Nigerian entertainment.

Sound Sultan Net Worth:

Sound Sultan’s influence extended beyond the stage, with an estimated net worth of $4 million, a testament to his success and popularity.


As we remember the iconic Sound Sultan, we celebrate a life dedicated to the art of music and entertainment. His impact on the Nigerian cultural landscape endures, reminding us that legends are immortalized through their contributions to the world.


  1. What is Sound Sultan’s real name?
    • Sound Sultan’s real name was Olanrewaju Fasasi.
  2. When did Sound Sultan pass away?
    • Sound Sultan passed away on July 11th, 2021, succumbing to Throat Cancer.
  3. How many children did Sound Sultan have?
    • Sound Sultan had three children with his wife, Chichi Morah.
  4. What is Sound Sultan’s net worth?
    • Sound Sultan’s net worth is estimated to be $4 million, reflecting his prominence in the Nigerian music industry.