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Stephanie Benson, born Akua Onehewaa on August 16, 1967, in Ghana, is a highly accomplished jazz musician who embarked on her musical adventure at the tender age of 3. Recognized as the “queen of jazz,” Stephanie has garnered acclaim and respect for her extraordinary talents as a singer, pianist, and live performer.

Who is Stephanie Benson?

Stephanie Benson’s journey into the world of music began in Ghana, where she exhibited her exceptional piano talents at the age of 3. Despite her father’s initial aspirations for her to pursue a career as a pharmacy technician, Stephanie’s passion for music led her to the Ghana National School of Music in 1975. Tragically, her father’s sudden passing in 1981 prompted her move to London, where she further honed her piano skills and pursued music education.

Stephanie Benson’s Career Highlights:

Stephanie’s talent caught the attention of London’s music scene, leading to collaborations with renowned musicians and a breakthrough with Pete Waterman’s PWL music label. Her hit song, “Now is the Time,” propelled her into the top 20 list of the UK’s best singers and dancers. Beyond her successful singing career, Stephanie is a proud music instructor in Wichita Falls, Texas, where she obtained a degree in education with a focus on music from Midwestern State University in 2006.

Stephanie Benson’s Family and Personal Life:

Stephanie Benson’s family played a pivotal role in her life and career. The eldest child of Samuel Benson, a prominent Ghanaian pharmaceutical businessman, and Queen Nana Boahemah II, Stephanie’s musical lineage extends to her younger sister, Akosua Aguyapong, a well-known gospel performer in Ghana. Stephanie’s interracial marriage to John Benson has resulted in five children, with her oldest daughter, Alex, following in her musical footsteps.

Stephanie’s Net Worth and Quirks:

Stephanie Benson has achieved significant success, reflected in her estimated net worth of $400,000. Despite her lavish lifestyle, Stephanie’s quirky nature shines through in her preference for bicycles over expensive cars, emphasizing her down-to-earth charm.

Recognition and Awards:

Stephanie Benson’s contributions to the music industry have earned her recognition at various Ghanaian award ceremonies. She has not only performed at events honoring exceptional women in Ghana but has also presented awards to deserving winners.


Q1: What is Stephanie Benson’s educational background? A1: Stephanie attended the Ghana National School of Music and later pursued music education at Midwestern State University, earning a degree in education with a focus on music.

Q2: How did Stephanie Benson’s musical career take off? A2: Stephanie gained prominence after joining Pete Waterman’s PWL music label, leading to the release of her hit song, “Now is the Time,” which catapulted her into the top 20 list of the UK’s best singers and dancers.

Q3: What is Stephanie Benson’s net worth? A3: Stephanie Benson’s estimated net worth is $400,000, reflecting her successful career in music and commercial endeavors.


Stephanie Benson’s journey from a young girl with a passion for music to Ghana’s queen of jazz is truly inspirational. Her musical prowess, coupled with her dedication to her craft, has solidified her legacy in the music industry. Stephanie’s story is a testament to the power of passion, perseverance, and the impact of family support on one’s journey to success.