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Discover the inspiring journey of Fidelis Ozuawala, widely known as “SunnEx,” a multi-talented entrepreneur, father, and the brain behind the popular Nigerian/South African music website, In this blog post, we’ll delve into his early life, educational background, career milestones, personal life, and the phenomenal success of Waploaded.

Fidelis Ozuawala’s Early Life & Education:

Fidelis Ozuawala, born on June 26, 1993, in Edo state, emerged as a tech enthusiast from a polygamous family. Despite the challenges, his love for technology flourished from a young age. After completing his education in Mechanical Engineering at Ogwashi-uku Polytechnic and Auchi Polytechnic, he embarked on a journey that would eventually lead to the creation of Waploaded.

Fidelis Ozuawala’s Academics & Career:

Fidelis’ early exposure to the internet paved the way for his entrepreneurial spirit. From configuring internet settings for mobile users to creating his first mobile website, his journey was marked by determination. Waploaded initially started as on the Wapka Mobile website builder platform before evolving into the CMS-based platform we know today. Overcoming challenges, Fidelis steered Waploaded into profitability by 2014, relying on advertising revenue.

Waploaded, a remote-friendly workplace, currently employs a diverse team contributing to its success in South Africa and Nigeria. With a significant daily page view count of 2.5 million, it has become a sought-after platform for global advertisers.

Fidelis Ozuawala’s Personal Life:

Post-graduation in 2016, Fidelis built a 4-bedroom bungalow and later relocated to Benin City, where he constructed another building. His family expanded with the arrival of a daughter, and another child is on the way. Fidelis remains dedicated to Waploaded, having never pursued a job after graduation.

Fidelis Ozuawala’s Religion & Beliefs:

Fidelis, while a Christian, holds unconventional views on pastors and organized religion. He believes that individuals can connect with God directly, without the need for intermediaries. This perspective has shaped his personal journey and philosophy.


Waploaded has received multiple nominations from South African awards organizations, and Fidelis himself was awarded Blogger of the Year during his schooling years. Despite being an anti-social individual, his impactful work in the blogging sphere has garnered recognition.

Sunnex Ozuawala Net Worth:

Fidelis Ozuawala keeps his net worth private, deriving income from publisher payments and self-server advertising on Waploaded. He collaborates with foreign advertisers, accepts sponsored posts, and promotes content, ensuring a diversified revenue stream.

Fidelis Ozuawala’s Social Media Handles:

Connect with Fidelis Ozuawala on Facebook (@sunnex.ozuawala), Instagram (@sunnex_waploaded), and Twitter (@fidelisozuawala) to stay updated on his journey and insights.


1. What inspired Fidelis Ozuawala to start Waploaded? Fidelis’ passion for technology and the internet, coupled with identified business opportunities, led to the inception of Waploaded.

2. How did Waploaded evolve over the years? From its humble beginnings as, Waploaded transitioned through various platforms and strategies, finally achieving financial success in 2014 through advertising.

3. What is Fidelis Ozuawala’s net worth? As of now, Fidelis keeps his net worth private, and ongoing research aims to unveil this information.


Fidelis Ozuawala’s journey from a tech-savvy individual to the CEO of a thriving media empire is a testament to his resilience and vision. Waploaded continues to be a major player in the South African and Nigerian online landscape, reflecting Fidelis’ commitment to innovation and excellence. Follow him on social media for more insights into his life and the ever-evolving world of Waploaded.