Suspected Yahoo Boys Spotted Defecating And Eating It In Public(Watch)

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Two young Nigerian men suspected to be internet fraudsters popularly known ‘Yahoo boys’ were spotted performing some rituals in public.

The young men threw bystanders and motorists into a state of shock after they proceeded to consume their own faeces in public, probably directives from their spiritualist.

The occurrence was said to have happened at IMSU junction in Owerri, Imo state as they were being filmed by some bystanders while they happily eat their own faeces.

The video sparked mixed reactions on social media as users debated on it. Some said that there is a big difference between ‘yahoo boys and ‘ritualist’ and that people should stop misinterpreting the two.

“Everything na suspected yahoo boy, you see laptop with them??” – a user wrote.

Another added; “Which one be yahoo boys .. just talk say ritualist”

Watch the video below: