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Sylvester Madu, the acclaimed “Nigeria James Bond,” has left an indelible mark on the Nigerian film industry, captivating audiences with his gripping performances and action-packed roles. Born on January 11, 1975, in Anambra State, Nigeria, Sylvester’s journey from a childhood filled with playfulness among eleven siblings to becoming a renowned actor and pastor is a story worth telling.

Sylvester Madu’s Early Life and Education:

Growing up in Anambra State, Sylvester Madu enjoyed a vibrant childhood, surrounded by a large family that provided endless companionship. He pursued his education in his home state, earning both his First School Leaving Certificate and West African Examination Certificate. His academic journey continued at the University of Maiduguri, Borno State, where he obtained his bachelor’s degree.

Sylvester Madu’s Career Beginnings:

Sylvester’s acting prowess surfaced early, participating in school dramas from the tender age of 5. However, it was after obtaining his degree that he officially joined Nollywood in 1998. Renowned for portraying characters akin to Rambo and James Bond, he became a staple in the industry, directing and acting in over 250 movies.

Notable Movies:

Sylvester Madu’s filmography includes blockbuster hits like “The Shepherd,” “The Generals,” “The Cat,” and “Death of Shita Rambo.” His collaboration with esteemed actors and actresses has solidified his status as a veteran in the Nigerian film scene.

Sylvester Madu’s Personal Life and Transformation:

In 2019, Sylvester Madu tied the knot with Nollywood actress and producer Ifeayinwa Ubah. However, his life took a transformative turn after surviving a near-fatal car crash in 2015. This life-altering experience led him to embrace a new calling as a full-time pastor at a Christ Embassy Church in Surulere, Lagos State.

Despite his pastoral duties, Sylvester continues to contribute to the film industry through his production company, “Sylvester Madu Creation.”

Awards and Accolades:

Sylvester Madu’s contributions to Nollywood have not gone unnoticed, earning him several awards, including Most Promising Actor in Nigeria at the Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards and Best Actor of the Year at the Africa Movie Academy Awards.

Sylvester Madu’s Net Worth:

With a reported net worth exceeding $800,000, Sylvester Madu stands as a testament to the success achievable in the Nigerian film industry.

Sylvester Madu’s Social Media Presence:

Stay connected with Sylvester Madu on Instagram (@sylvestermadu) and Facebook (Sylvester Madu) to follow his journey and latest updates.


  1. Q: When did Sylvester Madu become a pastor? A: Sylvester embraced his pastoral calling after surviving a lethal car crash in 2015. He is now a full-time pastor at a Christ Embassy Church in Lagos.
  2. Q: How many movies has Sylvester Madu directed and acted in? A: Sylvester Madu has directed and acted in over 250 Nollywood movies during his two-decade-long career.
  3. Q: Is Sylvester Madu still involved in the film industry? A: Yes, Sylvester continues to contribute to the film industry through his production company, “Sylvester Madu Creation,” while fulfilling his pastoral duties.


Sylvester Madu’s journey from a dynamic childhood in Anambra State to becoming a Nollywood legend and pastor is a testament to his resilience and talent. As he continues to make an impact in both the film industry and the spiritual realm, Sylvester Madu stands as a shining example of success and transformation in the Nigerian entertainment landscape.