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Meet Apaokagi Maryam Abisola, popularly known as Taaooma, a talented Nigerian Instagram comedian and cinematographer. Born on February 28, 1999, in Ilorin, Kwara State, Taaooma’s journey into the world of comedy began in 2015 when she crossed paths with her boyfriend, Abula, who introduced her to the art of shooting, directing, and editing.

Taaooma’s Early Life & Education:

Taaooma hails from a family of five, being the youngest. She attended Dolastar Primary School in Adewole, Ilorin, before her family’s relocation to Namibia in 2009. In Namibia, she completed her secondary education at Amazing Kids Private School & Academy and Concordia College, Windhoek. Returning to Nigeria in 2015, Taaooma pursued her higher education at Kwara State University Malate, where she studied Tourism and Hospitality.

Taaooma’s Career Beginnings:

Despite having no family background in the entertainment industry, Taaooma’s interest in cinematography blossomed under the guidance of Abula. Drawing inspiration from her African roots, she cleverly mimics the typical responses of African mothers to their children’s actions in her comedy skits.

In an interview with Channels TV, Taaooma shared her learning journey, expressing the challenges she faced. Abula’s absence at one point led her to resort to self-teaching through YouTube videos on video editing.

Taaooma’s Balancing Education and Career:

Navigating the demanding world of comedy while pursuing her education was no easy feat for Taaooma. She diligently juggled both commitments, making weekend trips home to shoot skits and returning to school for editing.

Monetizing Comedy:

Taaooma’s persistence paid off in 2018 when she earned her first paycheck for promoting a musician’s single. This marked the beginning of her collaborations with various companies and brands, using her platform to promote and advertise products.

Taaooma’s Personal Life:

Initially skeptical about Taaooma’s comedic pursuits, her mother was eventually won over when assured that her education wouldn’t suffer. Taaooma is also involved in managing the Greenade company, owned by Abdul Azeez, her mentor and partner.

Taaooma’s Marital Status:

Taaooma remains single, focusing on her burgeoning career.


In recognition of her talent, Taaooma was honored as the Best Comedian at the 2019 Gage Digital Awards.

Future Endeavors:

With aspirations to venture into filmmaking, Taaooma is set to make her mark in the movie industry in the coming years.

Taaooma’s Social Media Presence:

Taaooma boasts a massive following on Instagram, with over 900,000 active followers. Her YouTube channel, “TAAOOMA Apaokagi Maryam,” showcases her creative content.


  1. How did Taaooma start her comedy career? Taaooma began her comedy journey in 2015 after meeting her boyfriend, Abula, who taught her the intricacies of shooting, directing, and editing.
  2. How did Taaooma balance education and comedy? While studying at Kwara State University, Taaooma managed her academic commitments and comedy career by dedicating weekends to shooting skits and editing during the week.
  3. What is Taaooma’s family background in the entertainment industry? Contrary to common expectations, Taaooma’s family has no background in acting or comedy.


Taaooma’s story is one of resilience, creativity, and determination. From humble beginnings to becoming one of Nigeria’s most followed Instagram comedians, her journey inspires aspiring comedians and content creators. With a promising future in both comedy and cinematography, Taaooma continues to leave her mark on the Nigerian entertainment scene.